Michelle Berting Brett and the Carpenters – Part 4

In the previous three posts, we’ve been looking at connections in the astrological charts of today’s performer Michelle Berting Brett and the legendary Karen Carpenter. Michelle is currently starring in We’ve Only Just Begun: Carpenters Remembered, a tribute to the music of that famous brother and sister duo, Richard and Karen Carpenter. When any performer gravitates to the work of another, there has undoubtedly got to be some astrological “synastry” in the mix. That is certainly the case here. Michelle’s fondness for the Carpenters, and her desire and determination to celebrate their music, is literally shown in the stars.

In Parts 2 and 3, we saw how Michelle and Karen were linked through their natal charts. But there are also many significant aspects between Michelle’s chart and that of the songwriter himself, Richard Carpenter. First a peek a Richard’s chart, observing, too, how it is strongly connected to Karen’s.

RCRichard Carpenter was born on October 15, 1946 at 12:53 am in New Haven, Connecticut. Notice immediately the Ascendant-Descendant axis running along 19° of Leo and Aquarius — the same axis prominent in Karen’s chart through her 2nd and 8th houses. That Leo Ascendant, sextile the Sun in Libra, undoubtedly contributed to Richard being “easy to look at”. Along with the sextile to the Sun in the 3rd house of writing and communication, Richard’s Ascendant sextiles the Moon in Gemini. Richard likely has an ease with conversation and an ability to make anyone feel included. With Uranus in the mix, others were probably surprised by his wit and ingenuity. Creative genius, people might call it.

Richard’s Moon-Uranus conjunction at 20-21° Gemini, along with his Sun at 21° Libra, complete a grand trine with Karen’s Jupiter and Mercury. In fact, a “kite” is formed with these two charts combined — an aspect pattern showing great potential for being enterprising. The tensions inherent in the oppositions in Karen’s chart were given an outlet through Richard. The two of them together made for quite a dynamic team.

Uranus is a significant planet in both natal charts. In Richard’s, Uranus aspects the Sun, Moon, and Ascendant. In Karen’s chart, Uranus couldn’t be any more prominent in it’s position right on the Ascendant. Uranus rules radio, anything new in technology, and trends in pop culture; the Carpenters’ involvement in the recording industry was most appropriate. Uranus can also bring an original outlook on life, a wacky sense of humour, and an off-the-wall approach to things. I’ve heard that this was indeed the case with these two siblings.

Richard’s 3rd house is quite loaded — not surprising, since he is known as both a skillful writer and “the brother”. With Mercury in Scorpio and Venus (the MC ruler) in Scorpio, Richard is shown to have a great ability to stir the emotions in his writing. I’m sure fans may have said his words and music transformed them in some way.

Now let’s have a look at Michelle’s chart as set against Richard’s.

RC MBMichelle Berting Brett has Venus at 20° Gemini, exactly conjunct Richard’s Moon. The feelings and words that he so carefully crafted for the masses (Moon in Gemini conjunct Uranus) are therefore artistically presented by Michelle. Michelle’s Mars at 14° Gemini is exactly conjunct Richard’s North Node, suggesting that Michelle has the capability of bringing Richard further into the future. Michelle’s Mercury at 29° Cancer trines Richard’s Venus at 29° Scorpio — Michelle’s voice easily portraying Richard’s art. Richard’s 5th house ruler, Jupiter, is positioned in his 3rd, suggesting an aptitude for creative writing; Michelle’s Saturn at 4° Pisces trines Richard’s Jupiter, suggesting she is the one who can turn his efforts into form. Finally, Michelle’s Jupiter at 19° Taurus squares Richard’s Ascendant-Descendant axis; Michelle can promote and positively influence the connections that Richard can make with others.

Karen and Richard Carpenter worked as a team, so it might be worth peeking at their composite chart (the chart of their relationship as an entity itself) to see what pops out and to see if Michelle has any connections to it.

KCRC compRemember the fact that Karen had only one traditional planet in the Earth element and Richard had none? Well, in their composite chart, they certainly made up for it! There is a tight conjunction of Mercury, Sun, and Venus in early Capricorn… and trine Saturn. That’s very Earthy! We could surmise that the relationship itself gave them a strong sense of duty, reliability, and ambition. Nearby Jupiter added buoyancy and resilience to the many unexpected twists and turns that would come their way (suggested by the opposition to Uranus). I imagine the relationship grounded both of them, and with each other, they felt they could make it through anything. I suspect that the impact of Karen’s passing made Richard feel like the earth was taken out from under him. Astrologically, that was the case.

This composite Mercury-Sun-Venus conjunction suggests that words and music were a significant part of their purpose as a unit. Michelle’s South Node picks ups that triple conjunction, making it seem very comfortable and natural for her to draw upon her past experiences with the music of the Carpenters and to channel those memories into her own career growth. (Michelle has North Node in the 10th.)

WOJB Carpenters-PosterIt seems here that the Universe is saying yes, Michelle Berting Brett, you are doing an honest and admirable job of bringing the Carpenters back to our consciousness. It seems somehow part of your destiny. Best wishes for the continued success of your show!

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