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Vancouver Astrology is here to provide you personalized and meaningful astrology services — whether you live in Vancouver, in some other part of British Columbia, elsewhere in Canada, or anywhere in the world. All clients receive one-to-one attention from astrologer Toby Aldren. Other than chart calculation, nothing is computer generated. You see, although computers are brilliant with number-crunching and are capable of spitting out reams of pre-written material, they haven’t quite mastered intuition. There’s something about astrology that requires human awareness and instinct along with all the technical stuff.

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Astrology is a tool that has been used for thousands of years and it continues to have merits in today’s quickly changing world. Using astrology, we can understand and honour our differences, we can make wise choices regarding the timing of important matters, and we can gain a sense that we are indeed connected to a greater Universe.

As an aid for psychological understanding, astrology has been found to be a “fast-track” method of getting right to the issues at hand. It provides a language with which we can compare and contrast our own behaviours and needs with those of others. Astrology can help people understand their family dynamics. It can help people choose appropriate career paths. It can shed light on the inherent blessings and challenges within personal relationships, and it can watch those relationships ripen through time. Astrology explains things about our life unlike any other medium, giving us confidence to face life’s challenges ahead and to find inner peace at the same time.

Toby Aldren has been serving astrology clients professionally since 1998. In 2013, he was awarded the Diploma from London’s Faculty Of Astrological Studies, recognizing first the completion of rigorous training in chart reading and forecasting, and secondly, his skills in astro-consultancy, which are delivered in a sensitive and supportive manner. He maintains his association with the Faculty as a Distance Learning Tutor, a tutor of Online Classes, and whenever possible, attends their annual Summer School programs held at the University Of Oxford.

Always having had an interest in mathematics, Toby is intrigued by the various methods of astrological house division and the many systems astrologers have used over the last 2000 years. He appreciates both the philosophical and mathematical reasons why astrologers have divided the Celestial Sphere the ways they have, and he enjoys the challenge of taking what has become a two-dimensional procedure for most astrologers and returning it to three-dimensional understanding.

Toby Aldren is a member of the Astrological Association (UK) and The Faculty Of Astrological Studies.

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