Classes in Vancouver



Astrology Classes in Vancouver’s West End

  • Thursday evenings
  • Held at Gordon Neighbourhood House, 1019 Broughton Street, between Comox and Nelson
  • As of March 2020, all in-person classes have been temporarily moved online
  • A rigorous program of astrological education, taking you far beyond Sun Signs to the complete interpretation of a natal chart
  • Charts of participants are often used to explore the concepts studied in class, regularly putting astrology to the test
  • Scheduling allows for participation in the Fraser Valley Astrological Guild, which meets the second Thursday of each month in New Westminster.

Level 1 — Natal Chart Reading
20 sessions + optional exam

Required textbook: Astrology: Using the wisdom of the stars in your everyday life by Carole Taylor. Click HERE for Canadian purchasing options.

Term 1 (7 sessions) — Isolating and Interpreting the Pieces of the Natal Chart
glyphs and functions of the traditional planets; polarity, elements, modes; the angles; houses; outer planets and Chiron; sign and house rulerships; the nodal axis; retrograde planets

Term 2 (7 sessions) — Connecting the Pieces Together
major aspects, aspect patterns; the lunation cycle; steps to reading the whole birth chart; identifying themes in a chart

Term 3 (6 sessions) — Full Chart Interpretation
understanding oneself through the natal chart

Level 2 — Forecasting and Relationships
20 sessions + optional exam

Term 1 (7 sessions) — Transits and Solar Returns

Term 2 (7 sessions) — Secondary Progressions and Directions

Term 3 (6 sessions) — Relationships
synastry and composite charts

Current and Upcoming Classes – temporarily moved online


Other Optional Expenses

  • Attendance at meetings of the Fraser Valley Astrological Guild, requiring either annual membership or drop-in fees.
  • Examination fees

Cancellation Policy: With notice of 15 days or more, your payment will be refunded less a $20 admin fee. No refunds for cancellations within 14 days of the start of term. Should minimum enrolment for a term not be met, Toby Aldren reserves the right to cancel the term, in which case, 100% of your tuition payment will be refunded.

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Please note: Gordon Neighbourhood House and the Association of Neighbourhood Houses (ANH) are not sponsors of the activity described, and neither Gordon Neighbourhood House, nor ANH assume any responsibility for, and provide no endorsement of the activity.