If you are wanting to secure a basic understanding of chart interpretation, enroll in the Level 1 classes. The skills learned here will provide a solid framework that is transferable should you wish to specialize in a particular branch of astrology later on. For example, one person may wish to explore financial astrology or study the timing of major world events. Another person may wish to use astrology to understand the journey of the soul. Whichever path you choose, the same “building blocks” are covered here.

Level 2 classes explore forecasting through two of astrology’s most trusted techniques: transits and progressions.

Advanced topics in Level 3 are offered to students who want to go even further with their studies.

Vancouver Astrology also offers Supplemental Classes for students who have completed Level 1, or both Levels 1 and 2, and want further learning opportunities. These classes are also open to students who have studied with another astrology school and wish to assess their skills or enhance them.

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