Level 1: Chart Reading


****** Due to the increase in my work for the Faculty Of Astrological Studies, I am unable to offer these Vancouver classes for the time being. From January through June 2019, in addition to my work as a Distance Learning tutor for the Faculty, I am teaching their Online Fast-Track Foundation Course to students around the world. In August, I have been invited to teach at Summer School in Oxford — working with a Mandarin translator to teach astrology to a group of students coming to the UK from China! I am sorry to disappoint my Vancouver students at this time, yet I look forward to a way of making these classes happen again soon. ******

Trees and Stars

Learn astrology from the ground up!

The many complexities of an astrological chart can be overwhelming at first, to say the least. Here is your chance to learn how to interpret charts in a simple manner, carefully delivered to you in manageable stages. Whether you are looking for a way to organize the knowledge you’ve already gathered from reading astrology books and articles, or whether you are brand new to this ancient craft, here is your chance to establish a solid base in chart interpretation.

All charts used in these classes are those of the students enrolled. We put astrology to the test in every session; we suggest things based on what we see in a class member’s chart, and then we have that person verify or dispute our claims.

Classes have limited enrollment, with usually no more than six students present. This way, you get more individual attention while you continue to learn by doing. You’ll see astrology working through the stories of your classmates and, at the same time, gain a deeper appreciation of your own cycles and patterns. This is real astrology in action!

Register for one Set of classes at a time. Each Set is made up of three classes — either spanning three consecutive weekly sessions, or doing them all in one Saturday Blitz. The Saturday Blitz method is certainly intensive, but with a coffee break and a decent lunch break, there is a comfortable amount of time in which to absorb the material.

Each Set is $126 – whether classes are taken over three weeks or on one Saturday Blitz. If you book more than 7 days in advance, you pay only $105.

Do make sure you subscribe to the newsletter so you will be informed of class dates as they approach.

Content and Registration

Modes and Elements, Signs of the Zodiac, The Astronomy Of The Signs, The Ascendant, Sun, Moon, Traditional Planets, The Ephemeris, “Foot In The Door” to Chart Interpretation.

Sign Rulerships, Houses, The Ascendant-Descendant Axis, The Midheaven-IC Axis, Placement of House Rulers, Major Aspects, Orbs, Aspect Patterns.

Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, The Nodal Axis, Common House Systems, Preparing For A Natal Chart Reading.

Good To Know…

Registering for classes implies that you give your consent to have your birth data made known to others in the course. You will be asked to provide your date of birth, place of birth, and time of birth.

You can still register even if you are not certain of your birth time.

If spaces are available and it is deemed appropriate, a student may be accepted into a set of classes without having done the previous set. However, priority will be given to students who enroll in classes in their regular sequence.

Classes are held in the West End near Davie and Denman.

Payment is made at time of booking. Credit cards and Visa Debit cards accepted.

Online registration closes 24 hours before the start of a Set.

Cancellation Policy: With a minimum of 7 days’ notice prior to the first class in a Set, your payment will be refunded less a $20 admin fee. No refunds with less than 7 days’ notice.

Toby Aldren reserves the right to cancel classes should the minimum enrolment not be met at least one week prior to the start of the Set. Should this occur, previously registered students will be refunded in full.

Join us! Be reconnected with the sky!