Local Space Astrology


No experience necessary!

Have some fun this summer exploring this unique style of astrology. See how the planets literally point you in the direction of significant places and events in your life. No longer are we using the usual ecliptic-based natal chart as the tool of interpretation, but instead a different chart based on the circle of the horizon at one’s moment of birth. You’ll use your own planetary compass to see, for example, if you’d have more enjoyment hiking Pacific Spirit Park or lounging at Kits Beach. Find places more suitable to you for entertainment, recreation, banking, education, or coffee and conversation. Even find a more harmonious route to work. Use your own personalized planetary compass to make better use of your living and work spaces. It’s like astrology meets Feng Shui!

Please note that Local Space Astrology requires an accurate time of birth. For the second session, you will need a scale drawing (floor plan) of your home, apartment, or workplace, including an indication of the compass direction North.

$70 to enrol.

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