The 20-20 Reading


Are you curious about a full astrology reading but not ready to commit to one yet?

Are you unaware of your time of birth, yet want to see what astrology might reveal anyhow?

Have you recently had another type of reading done and want to compare what astrology has to say?

Are you looking for something different to do on your lunch break?

Are you thinking of giving someone a unique and low-priced gift?

Are you simply feeling spontaneous?

The 20-20 Reading is just what you need!

Book your appointment — usually no more than three days ahead of time. At the designated time, I will call you, set the timer, and start talking.

Here is how the 20-20 Reading is different than a full Astrology Reading:

  • In the 20-20 Reading, I prepare only minimal notes (if any) in advance of the session. I begin talking about whatever draws my eye, and keep talking for the 20 minutes.
  • The conversation may or may not be limited to your general characteristics. I may be drawn to include some upcoming changes in your life.
  • You are welcome to record the appointment if you like, but I do not offer that service.
  • This is usually more of a fun and entertaining experience. (Ask about parties!) Astrology Readings offer a lot more substance.
  • Since there is little preparation time required, you can book on very short notice!
  • Once an appointment is set, no changes are permitted. No refunds are issued should you need to cancel.

Contact Toby Aldren to get the latest available appointment times.

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