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Both Natal Astrology and Relocation Astrology work with the positions of planets in their orbits around the Sun, along with our Moon’s orbit around the Earth, as viewed from Earth against the backdrop of the zodiac, whether tropical or sidereal. (Ask me about that sometime.) Local Space Astrology is different. In Local Space Astrology, the positions of the planets, Sun, and Moon are captured in relationship to the horizon of your birthplace. In other words, the moment your umbilical cord was cut, if you could sit up and point to the various directions in which you’d have to walk to go towards Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, etc., you’d be securing for yourself your own Local Space “compass”.

Sometimes you may be in a community but find yourself drawn to a neighbouring one, or even one a great distance away. It could very well be that you are following your Venus line, say, if that were a place you frequented for social or artistic events. If you were taking on an important responsibility in that other community, then maybe you were following your Saturn line. It is fascinating to watch these energy directions play out, often in obvious ways.

Your compass can be made more “local” by placing it against a map of your own community. Having your current home as the centre, your compass can point you in the direction of where you should walk (or drive) to find a suitable gym, restaurants, a bank, or places where you can escape to chill out.

Local Space in Vancouver
Local Space in Vancouver

Getting even more “local” with your compass, when it is set in the centre of your living space, it can tell you the best place to put your sofa, your computer, your bookshelf, your garbage can. It is incredible how some people instinctively follow their personal compass when setting up a house or apartment. Yet sometimes, for example, you could be stuck with the fact that your bed has to be where it is. Local Space Astrology can suggest how to decorate a certain corner of your bedroom if you are having trouble sleeping. It can even suggest which side of the bed might be better for you!  Similar to Feng Shui, with a few adjustments in your living space as suggested by Local Space Astrology, you may be amazed at the changes in your life that are soon to follow.

Having a consultation with Local Space Astrology requires that you provide an accurate time of birth. Should you wish to explore how best to set up your home or office, you will need to provide a floor-plan of your space, drawn to scale, as well as marking the direction of North. The satellite view in Google Maps sometimes comes in handy here when trying to determine which way is North!

This provides for a fun and fascinating appointment. Request yours today!

60 minutes ~ $140 + GST 

Cancellation/Rescheduling Policy

A minimum notice of 3 days is required to make any changes to an appointment. If such notice is provided, your payment can either be applied to a rescheduled appointment time, or refunded in full should you need to cancel. With less than 3 days notice, $50 of your payment will be withheld; it is neither refundable nor transferable.

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