There are indeed many people who feel they cannot benefit from working in consultation with an astrologer because they do not have a time of birth. Some people have a “ballpark” time — “I was born around lunchtime,” or, “My father just got home from work when my mom went into labour.” Other people have no stories whatsoever, no time recorded on a birth certificate, and were born in a hospital where medical records were later lost in a fire. In all such cases, the process of chart rectification works towards getting a useable astrological chart.

Simply having an “official” time of birth documented from a hospital record, a baby book, mother’s memory, etc. does not always equate to having an accurate time of birth. In this situation, rectification can “tweek” the time of birth by a few minutes or so which can consequently alter the client’s rising sign, the house position of planets, and can indeed affect timing of forecasting. Here, rectification can make the astrological experience that much more meaningful.

shutterstock_2931112For clients who come to an astrologer with no idea of their birth time, rectification can help find a chart that suitably resonates with them and can help them with their areas of concern. There is no guarantee that rectification will provide the exact time of birth, but the process should help calculate a chart that does speak to the client on many levels.

The rectification process begins with the client compiling an extensive list of significant life events along with birth dates of important people in their life. The astrologer will analyze this data to discover patterns, prominent zodiacal degrees, and possible chart themes, eventually to come up with some trial charts — the “beta” versions, if you like. The astrologer then tests the validity of the trial chart(s) by offering the client a list of other dates that have potential of being meaningful if the chart is right. The process continues back and forth for a while, potentially taking quite a number of weeks or even months, so it is important to enter into it without a sense of urgency!

The rectification process certainly uses a fair share of technical skill. Astrology is not merely a mathematical subject, though, and the use of intuition — on behalf of both the client and the astrologer — can come into play here. The astrologer and client can discuss ways of being open to intuition throughout the rectification process.

The process of rectification itself is a valuable one. Even if the results are inconclusive, clients do benefit from the seeing their life more objectively while they compile their list of significant people and events in their life.

Please note that this is a time-consuming endeavour and the astrologer may choose to limit himself to one rectification at a time.

$300 for rectification alone.
Discounted rate offered for an Astrology Reading at a future date.

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General Booking Information

Appointments in person are held in the West End of Vancouver, near the corner of Davie Street and Denman Street. Out-of-town clients are served by phone or online.

In order to make a booking, you’ll need to have ready:

  • your birth data (date of birth, place of birth, and approximate birth time if known)
  • a credit card, VISA debit card, or gift certificate code

If you have any questions before or after booking a reading, you are most welcome to get in touch. Please do so via the Contact page, or call 604.669.7676.

Cancellation/Rescheduling Policy

A minimum notice of 3 days is required to make any changes to an appointment. If such notice is provided, your payment can either be applied to a rescheduled appointment time, or refunded in full should you need to cancel. With less than 3 days notice, $50 of your payment will be withheld; it is neither refundable nor transferable.

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