Relationship Analysis


With you and your partner present, we have a lively discussion on how the two of you are similar and different as individuals, how you can support one another or unknowingly “push each other’s buttons”.

The two natal charts are explored with particular emphasis on what makes each person feel secure emotionally and how they are apt to communicate. Next, we discuss how facets of one chart connect to the other, and as a result, we learn how and why each person is motivated by the other to express their true inner character. In addition, we talk about the third entity present — that being the relationship as a unit — and how this can develop over time.

Relationship Analysis

Relationship Analysis

Some couples say they were hesitant to get involved in this type of analysis because they were afraid of hearing anything bad about their relationship. There is indeed some irony here. Relationships which are made up only of  harmonious connections, i.e. where everything seems “good”, tend to be the ones that fizzle out in time. We need people in our lives who stimulate us, who challenge us to grow. So do be thankful if you learn that you and your partner actually make demands on each other in some ways!

The Relationship Analysis is great for spouses (same sex or otherwise), spouses-to-be, parent/child, business partners, in fact, any combination of you and a significant other person.

90 minutes ~ $260 

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