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Supplemental classes in Natal Chart Reading

Supplemental classes in Forecasting



Supplemental Classes

Looking to get even more practice in reading a natal chart? Want more guidance in preparing for a forecasting session? Sign up for these “a la carte” classes! Register for as many as you like, without the need to do them in a series.

A great feature about these classes is that we study the chart of a real client. That person joins us for a 30-minute consultation towards the end of the class. Not only is it a great way to see how astrology works in the lives of everyday people, it is a good opportunity to practice translating astrological symbolism into conversational English.

$37 per session.
Enrolment limited to 5 students.

Natal Chart Reading Classes

These classes are geared to students who have completed Level 1, or those who have learned how to read a chart from another astrology program or school. Each 2-hour class will involve the thorough analysis of one natal chart. Students are expected to do some preparation before each class, so booking early is advised.

Dates to be announced.

Forecasting Classes

These classes are designed for students who have completed Level 2 classes in Transits and Progressions. In each 2-hour class, we will examine one natal chart, finding themes that surface in a study of Transits and Progressions over a 6-month period. Some preparation is expected before each class, so do book early.

Dates to be announced.

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