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Perfect for beginners or those wanting to consolidate prior learning.

Participate in sessions in real time on your desktop, laptop, or tablet using Zoom

Speak with instructor Toby Aldren and with your fellow classmates –
just like being together in the same room

Engage in a rigorous program of astrological education,
taking you far beyond Sun Signs
to the complete interpretation of a natal chart
and, in Level 2, to forecasting and relationship analysis

Put astrology to the test by seeing how it works with charts of your fellow students

Continue your own journey of self-awareness

Can’t make a session? Not to worry.
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Course Content

Level 1 
Natal Chart Reading:
20 sessions + optional exam

Required textbook:
Astrology: Using the wisdom of the stars in your everyday life by Carole Taylor. Click HERE for Canadian purchasing options.

Term 1 (7 sessions)
Isolating and Interpreting the Pieces of the Natal Chart
glyphs and functions of the traditional planets; polarity, elements, modes; the angles; houses; outer planets and Chiron; sign and house rulerships; the nodal axis; retrograde planets

Term 2 (7 sessions)
Connecting the Pieces Together
major aspects, aspect patterns; the lunation cycle; steps to reading the whole birth chart; identifying themes in a chart

Term 3 (6 sessions)
Full Chart Interpretation
understanding oneself through the natal chart

Optional Exam

Level 2
Forecasting and Relationships
a series of workshops

Depending on the topic, workshops will run over one, two, or even three sessions.

For most astrologers, the preferred method of forecasting. Positions of planets in their current cycles are interpreted as influencing those in the natal chart.

Solar Return Charts
The new chart you get every birthday. Believed to indicate the overall trends for the coming year.

Secondary Progressions
A symbolic form of forecasting where the natal chart ‘unfolds’ at the rate of one day per year. Often used as a tool to interpret internal shifts rather than external events.

Solar Arc Directions
The position of planets and points in the natal chart are moved forward at the rate of the Secondary Progressed Sun. A forecasting method trusted by many astrologers for picking up the timing of major life events.

Using chart comparison in the study of a relationship – whether personal or business. Learn how two people support one another or “push each other’s buttons”.

The Composite Chart
A symbolic chart created by the midpoints of planets from the charts of two people. Seen as a chart that describes the essence of the relationship as a unit unto itself.

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Level 1 – Natal Chart Reading

Term 1

Isolating and Interpreting the Pieces of the Natal Chart

7 sessions
Dates to be announced.

Term 2

Connecting the Pieces Together

7 Tuesday evenings
Jan 11 – Feb 22, 2022

Registration closed

Term 3

Full Chart Interpretation

6 Tuesday evenings
Apr 5 – May 10, 2022
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Level 2 – Forecasting and Relationships

Workshops to be announced.

Cancellation Policy

With notice of 15 days or more, your payment will be refunded less a $20 admin fee. No refunds for cancellations within 14 days of the start of term. Should minimum enrolment for a term not be met, Toby Aldren reserves the right to cancel the term, in which case, 100% of your tuition payment will be refunded.

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