Online Classes


Perfect for beginners or those wanting to consolidate prior learning.

  • Participate in sessions in real time on your desktop, laptop, or tablet using Zoom
  • Speak with instructor Toby Aldren and with your fellow classmates — just like being together in the same room
  • Engage in a rigorous program of astrological education, taking you far beyond Sun Signs to the complete interpretation of a natal chart
  • Put astrology to the test by seeing how it works with charts of your fellow students
  • Continue your own journey of self-awareness

Course Content

Level 1 — Natal Chart Reading
20 sessions + optional exam

Required textbook: Astrology: Using the wisdom of the stars in your everyday life by Carole Taylor. Click HERE for Canadian purchasing options. Available on Amazon.

Term 1 (7 sessions) — Isolating and Interpreting the Pieces of the Natal Chart
glyphs and functions of the traditional planets; polarity, elements, modes; the angles; houses; outer planets and Chiron; sign and house rulerships; the nodal axis; retrograde planets

Term 2 (7 sessions) — Connecting the Pieces Together
major aspects, aspect patterns; the lunation cycle; steps to reading the whole birth chart; identifying themes in a chart

Term 3 (6 sessions) — Full Chart Interpretation
understanding oneself through the natal chart

Optional Exam

Level 2 — Forecasting and Relationships
20 sessions + optional exam

Term 1 (7 sessions) — Transits and Solar Returns

Term 2 (7 sessions) — Secondary Progressions and Directions

Term 3 (6 sessions) — Relationships
synastry and composite charts

Optional Exam

Current and Upcoming Classes

Level 1 – Term 1

Autumn 2020
Dates and times to be announced.

Level 1 – Term 3

Autumn 2020
Dates and time to be announced.

Level 2 – Term 1

Autumn 2020
Dates and time to be announced.

Other Optional Expenses

  • Examination fees

Cancellation Policy: With notice of 15 days or more, your payment will be refunded less a $20 admin fee. No refunds for cancellations within 14 days of the start of term. Should minimum enrolment for a term not be met, Toby Aldren reserves the right to cancel the term, in which case, 100% of your tuition payment will be refunded.

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