What is needed to get started?

Get in touch by email or complete the form below. It is helpful if you can tell why you are seeking an astrology consultation at this time and what you hope to gain from the experience. Do you want a general chart reading or a more specialized branch of astrology? (More on that below.) Do you have some specific questions in mind? Before we commit to an appointment, let’s both make sure that I can serve your needs.

What happens next?

You select an appointment time. You will be asked to provide your birth data: date of birth, place of birth, and time of birth – accuracy within 4 minutes is best. (If you cannot provide a time of birth, we can still do some work together, but it must be viewed as incomplete.) You will also be asked to make your payment at this time. The appointment will be set up on Zoom unless we make other arrangements. For example, clients in Canada, the USA, and the UK may opt to have a consultation over the telephone.

And then?

Prior to your appointment, I will study your chart for suggestions about your general character. I will contemplate various ways in which your life’s potential could be played out. Next, I will explore what your chart suggests about various areas of your life: your manner of thinking and communicating, the way you express emotions, your family and home life, possible career paths, and the way you function in relationships – whether business or personal. The findings of this study will be brought forward in the consultation when they are meaningful. I do spend a few hours preparing for every consultation; that’s why you will not see me accepting same-day or next-day appointments.

What goes on in the consultation?

We have a conversation. I will interpret the astrological symbols of your chart and make suggestions on how the energies might be noticed in your life. You offer clarification. You contribute to the discussion. Together, we discover how the astrology is working in your life.
Maybe you want to discuss a specific area of your life – perhaps career or relationships. That fine, too. Not only can we explore the inherent qualities of these areas, but we can look to see if astrology suggests any times of potential development or challenges, and we can put a timeframe on them.

Can you predict exactly what will happen? Is my life fated?

No and no. What astrology can do is offer information as to what areas of life are undergoing development – now or in the upcoming months. We can learn if that process might seem easy or will require some effort. Astrology can help us understand your psychological makeup, and from there we can gain better understanding of how you tend to operate in various situations. But you are free to make your own decisions. You can take that job or not. You can move to another country or not. You can marry that person or not. Astrology can give us a type of “weather report” on upcoming facets of your life yet it is totally up to you how you want to approach those periods. Ideally, with astrology you’ll make some well-informed decisions.

Will the session be recorded?

You are encouraged to voice-record the appointment. As a backup, I will offer to record the session on Zoom and send you a link to the recording, but I can make no promise or guarantee that the technology will cooperate.

What tools do you use for forecasting?

Primarily, I use a combination of Transits (including Lunations and Eclipses), Secondary Progressions, and the Solar Return chart. Sometimes I supplement the above with directions; I am fond of using Primary Directions, although I do look at Solar Arc Directions as per my training.

Will I be able to understand all the astrology terms?

Our conversation will be in everyday English. It is my job to translate the astrological language into something you can understand, so you don’t need to worry about that. However, if you have some experience with astrology and are curious about why I said something, please ask!

You said “specialized branch of astrology”. Such as…?

For example, we can use Relocation Astrology if you are contemplating moving from one city to another. We can see how facets of your life will tend to be more active in one place and subdued in another. Whether you are looking to boost your career, to settle down and raise a family, to write that best-selling novel, or to retire someplace, it is fascinating to see how astrology can help you find “home”. Local Space Astrology involves the creation of an astrological compass, pointing you to places in your community or beyond where you will more likely experience specific styles of energy. This tool can be brought closer to home – in fact, right inside your home – to help you organize your living space to best suit your energetic needs. It’s somewhat like an astrological version of Feng Shui. Fees vary for these types of appointments. Please inquire if interested.

Can you help me find a suitable career?

If you are just starting out in your career or if you are facing an upcoming career change – whether you chose that voluntarily or circumstances prevailed – we can explore Vocational Astrology. This is a series of appointments with the goal of creating a vocational profile, to help point the way to satisfying career options. Not only is this great for adults who are mid-stream in their working life, it can be very helpful for young adults just starting out in their working life, and for teenagers considering post-secondary education.

What about relationships?

Within the context of a regular consultation, we can make this an area of focus if you like. We will see what your natal chart has to say about your style of relating and the kinds of people you may attract into your life. If you would like to do a thorough Relationship Analysis to study the dynamics between you and one other specific person, we can do that, but we need written consent from that person in order to proceed. Better yet, we can arrange an appointment where both you and your “significant other” are present. A Relationship Analysis can be done for any type of relationship – spouses or common-law partners, parent/child, teacher/student, business partners. Please note that an extra charge applies when we involve the study of a second’s person’s chart.

Anything you don’t do?

Yes, there are some astrology services I don’t offer, and some for which I offer a modified version. Please see the list below.

Oh, I did have someone once ask if I do spells. I think I just stared blankly for a while. Just in case you were wondering, the answer is no.

Miscellaneous Services

Electional Astrology – using astrology to help determine the best time to launch a new project or business. I do offer this service.

Chart Rectification – finding a suitable chart for someone with an unknown birth time. I rarely engage in this practice primarily because I know I am a person who likes to be precise, and for me, rectification can be a never-ending chase. That said, every now and then I don’t mind taking on the challenge.

Horary Astrology – answering specific questions like “Where is my lost wedding ring?” or “Should we put an offer on that house?”. I have limited skill in this branch of astrology so I would be happy to refer you to an astrologer who offers that specialty.

Sun Sign Astrology – This is the type of astrology where anyone who is an Aries reads one prediction, anyone who is a Taurus gets another, etc. Typically, newspapers and websites call these “horoscopes”. I do not practise this type of astrology.

Children’s Charts – I don’t mind covering the basics of a child’s chart if that can help the parents relate to the child. However, I believe that children should be allowed to grow up as they are, without influence of anyone’s preconceived ideas. For that reason, I prefer not to work on children’s charts in detail.

Adolescents’ Charts – With a parent’s permission, I am happy to offer some basic chart interpretation. By the age of 14, many young people already have a sense of who they are and who they are not. I approach working with adolescents with an aim to have them see the many potentials that their chart contains. As mentioned above, engaging in the series of Vocational Astrology sessions can be a most useful and valuable investment at this stage in life.

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Get in touch to begin the process

Why are you seeking a consultation at this time? What do you hope to gain from the experience? If you would like to discuss this over the phone before setting an appointment, please provide your phone number and suggest some windows of time when you are available to chat.

Fee for 60-minute consultation: $135 (Canadian)
Includes GST for Canadian residents.

Cancellation/Rescheduling Policy: A minimum notice of 3 days is requested to make any changes to an appointment. If such notice is provided, your payment can either be applied to a rescheduled appointment time, or refunded in full should you need to cancel. With 1 or 2 days notice, $50 of your payment will be withheld; it is neither refundable nor transferable. No refunds or rescheduling for same-day cancellations or no-shows.