Toby Aldren regularly offers in-person and online consultations. Sessions in person are held in the West End of Vancouver, near the corner of Davie Street and Denman Street. Online sessions are carried out using Zoom.

The appointment can be audio recorded if you choose. If your appointment is in person, you are asked to bring a USB flash drive (with at least 80 MB free) to receive a copy of the mp3 recording. If your appointment is online, you will be sent a link to download the recording at your convenience.

Prior to your consultation, Toby will study your natal chart to gain a sense of your general character traits. He will contemplate various ways in which your life’s potential could be played out. Toby will explore what your chart has to say about your manner of thinking and communicating, your family and home life, your most likely career paths, and the way you function in relationships — whether business or personal. The results of this study will be brought forward in the consultation when they are meaningful to the discussion that you are having together.

Unless you prefer something else, the focus of your session will be to discuss the current and upcoming shifts, challenges and opportunities in your life as deemed by your chart. Astrology can suggest the areas of your life that are due for growth, provide a timeframe for the process, and suggest the general feel about the experience. You, as the client, are invited to provide the details as you see them matching the scenarios that Toby describes. In this way, an astrological consultation is indeed a conversation.

At your request, you can explore up to three topics in greater depth. Just about anything goes here! For example, you may be wondering if this is a good year to start a new business. Or you may wonder if changing homes is likely for you this year. Although the possibilities for topics are vast, please realize that your suggestion(s) need to be considered prior to your consultation to assure you that astrology would be an appropriate tool.

One popular topic for discussion is Career. Young people considering post-secondary education can greatly benefit from an astrology reading; it can help them sort out which career paths are truly their own and which ones they’ve adopted because someone else recommended them. The discussion can also reveal appropriate career paths they may never have considered before. Adults who want to make a career change later in life are often comforted when astrology reveals that, yes, they are indeed getting back on track with who they really are. People who are forced to give up a job may come to realize that the “tragedy” was a necessary way for the Universe to clear the path for something better to come along.

Your consultation is prepared extensively and specifically for you. As a result, Toby will likely have some insight as to what areas of your life need to be discussed. However, as an active participant in the session, you may prefer to explore some topics further and minimize others.

Begin the journey today.

60 minutes ~ $170 + GST

Cancellation/Rescheduling Policy: A minimum notice of 3 days is requested to make any changes to an appointment. If such notice is provided, your payment can either be applied to a rescheduled appointment time, or refunded in full should you need to cancel. With 1 or 2 days notice, $50 of your payment will be withheld; it is neither refundable nor transferable. No refunds or rescheduling for same-day cancellations or no-shows.

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