Private Instruction

You are welcome to arrange a series of lessons to cover a set Vancouver Astrology course, or you can explore topics of your own choosing at your own pace. We’ll use ZOOM as an online platform, so you can participate anywhere using your computer or tablet.

You are free to select any topic in astrology that you’d like to learn. Choose anything from the very basics of chart interpretation to more advanced techniques of forecasting. If you like, we can work together on a more specific branch of astrology such as AstroLocality, Local Space Astrology, or Relationship Synastry*.  You can even arrange a lesson to help you explore your own astrology software.

*Please note that studies involving a 3rd person’s chart may require us to have written permission from that person. This is not the case with charts of celebrities or public figures whose birth data has been made public.

Choose from these pre-set courses if you prefer

The Pieces of the Natal Chart

glyphs and functions of the traditional planets; polarity, elements, modes; the twelve signs; the angles; the twelve houses; outer planets and Chiron; sign and house rulerships; the nodal axis; retrograde planets

Connecting the Pieces Together

major aspects, aspect patterns; the lunation cycle; steps to reading the whole birth chart; identifying themes in a chart

Full Chart Interpretation

understanding oneself through the natal chart

Transits and Solar Returns

Transits: For most astrologers, the preferred method of forecasting. Positions of planets in their current cycles are interpreted as influencing those in the natal chart.
Solar Return Chart: The new chart you get every birthday. Believed to indicate the overall trends for the coming year.

Secondary Progressions

A symbolic form of forecasting where the natal chart ‘unfolds’ at the rate of one day per year. Often used as a tool to interpret internal shifts rather than external events.
The module ends by learning a system to help prioritize and interpret the forecasting data collected from transits, solar returns, and progressions.

Putting Your Skills to Work

An opportunity to gain experience blending Natal Chart Reading with Forecasting

Or suggest what it is you’d like to work on

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Fee: $65 (Canadian) for 1 hour of instruction.
$32.50 for 30 minutes. $48.75 for 45 minutes.
Fee includes GST for Canadian residents.
You can choose to pay by credit card, debit card, or Interac e-transfer.

Cancellation/Rescheduling Policy: A minimum notice of 24 hours is required to make any changes to an appointment. If such notice is provided, your payment can either be applied to a rescheduled appointment time, or refunded in full should you need to cancel. No refunds or rescheduling for same-day cancellations or no-shows.