C. K. (Vancouver)

I recently had a reading with Toby and could not be more impressed.  I asked him three questions per his instructions and not only did he answer them in a very in-depth fashion he was able to explain to me in detail how all of them related to each other.  I gained immeasurable knowledge from […]

A. P. (West Vancouver)

Toby is a wonderful teacher.  He gives a new slant on even the most mundane of astrological procedures.  His forecasting method starts with a quick interpretation of the natal chart, with a view to the forecast that I would never have thought of. You get an immediate quick taste of the chart, and are then directed to areas of concern that need […]

E. B. (Vancouver)

I am SO impressed by how you can read my astrology chart, and I can say, “Yah, I’m planning this… I’m thinking this… I can see this coming…”. I’m just knocked over right now. You are more like a clairvoyant!