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Soul-Conscious Reader

My Sun is in Sagittarius, Moon in Aries, and Ascendant in Pisces. It appears I’m moving towards soul consciousness and taking on the Piscean characteristics, heavily influenced by Neptune. Neptune has now shifted into Pisces as you know, and Pluto into Capricorn. I am also feeling the effects of Capricorn. My question is: Moving towards soul consciousness, should I be now focussed on Pluto in Capricorn or would I need to bring this down to Neptune in Pisces for my mask/persona?

Dear “Soul-Conscious Reader”,

Working with only the chart factors you provided, I cast a chart using Whole Sign houses — a technique, in fact, that is one of the oldest house division systems that is gaining popularity once more. In your case, the complete sign of Pisces makes up the 1st house, Aries is the 2nd, etc., all the way around to Aquarius being the entire 12th house. Whatever degree of Pisces that is held by your Ascendant is still an important degree, and it would lie someplace in that 1st house. The Sun, then, would fall someplace in your 10th house by this system, and the Moon would fall in your 2nd house. If you normally use a different house system, you may be used to seeing your Sun and Moon in other houses. Don’t be dismayed! In my experience, I have found that a different house system can “read” the same person accurately, too, yet from a slightly different perspective.

Even though your question concerned just Neptune and Pluto, I also chose to include Uranus. As you may know, we have just had the second of seven squares by Uranus and Pluto, and depending on the degree of your Aries Moon, you may be someone who experiences a direct hit of this energy at some point in the next few years.

Each of the three — Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto  — will create somewhat of a subtle background story in your life at present. The houses being transited will indicate the area of life that is being influenced.

In very general terms, Uranus will be bringing sudden change and revival to those things that you deem to be important, and possibly bring a crazy ride to your financial situation. You may find tangible things (cash included) coming and going through your life at a surprisingly fast rate.

Neptune, as you say, could be bringing you more “soul consciousness”; it could also be doing it’s favourite job of dissolving things in your own personality that affect how you interact with others. People might find the changes in you a bit confusing or out of the ordinary. Neptune could be making you slow down and breathe, to savour the things that you find beautiful. An element of compassion may be coming into your life — either you being compassionate to someone else, or you feeling a need to receive someone else’s compassion. When Neptune crosses your Ascendant, these themes may be especially prominent.

Pluto transiting your 11th house could be making you rejuvenate your need for community involvement. For the first few years, you may find yourself withdrawing from social groups that just don’t seem to work for you anymore. It is not that you are becoming a hermit, it is more that you need to clear your psychic space and redefine what it is that makes you connect with other people. All of us need healthy communal relationships. You are in the process of clarifying your need for that. Give it time.

Pluto in this picture is very much a background player for now — that is, until it triggers a planet or point in your natal chart. When Pluto squares your Moon, for example, I would definitely say that it will mark a notable stage of your life.

Uranus is going to be conjoining your Moon at some point, too. That can be a wild emotional time; a spirit of rebellion will likely surge. You may find a sudden need to change your home (i.e. to move or to redecorate), probably making your home much more contemporary in style. Since the Moon rules your 5th house, your children (if you have any) or any creative expression or hobbies that you do, will be in for some fun times.

Yes, this transiting Neptune, in it’s own sign of Pisces, is likely to reinforce how you already interact with the world. Even though your Sun and Moon are in fire signs, your role in life has been, and will be, to make that inspiring energy sensitive and emotional somehow. If neither Uranus nor Pluto make direct “hits” in your chart at present, I’d say you might not be conscious of their influence for now. Neptune, then, is the transiting planet that will most be felt. Anything going through the 1st house does make its presence known, and you feel a kind of renewal according to the style of the planet making the transit.

So Soul-Conscious Reader, you can see that we can gather a lot of information from very few pieces of astrological information. Imagine what we could discuss in a full chart analysis!


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