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Dear Mirian,

Thanks for asking me to have a look at your chart to suggest some career options for you. It seems rather timely that you are doing so, because 2013 and 2014 promise to be significant years for your career development. By the end of 2014, it may surprise you as to what kind of work you actually are doing! In the meantime, though, here are some ideas that your natal chart suggests for lines of work that resonate with you.

MirianIt is interesting to note the similarities between your chart and the chart for a previous writer whom I called The Modern Pioneer. You both have an Ascendant in Sagittarius, thereby putting Virgo on the 10th house cusp in the Equal House system, making Mercury rule that house. Furthermore, you both have the MC in Libra, making Venus rule this important angle of the chart.

As for the similarities, we can say that both of you may have, by circumstance, a career in healthcare or in something where you need to manage the details of a business or organization. It is likely that both of you are skilled in setting procedures or in establishing the mechanics of how a company or project functions on a day-to-day basis. Your passion, however, is dealing with people. It really doesn’t matter so much, then, as to the setting of your work as long as you feel connected to developing the people there. Both of you are likely good mediators, seeing both sides of a situation and offering suggestions to help conflicting parties reach consensus. You may enjoy bringing beauty into your place of work, possibly through art, music, or a lovely floral arrangement — all with the underlying knowledge that things with artistic proportions can make make people feel better.

From here, though, your charts start to go in very different directions. And yours, Mirian, shows many possible directions for career. No wonder you feel so open to possibilities!

You have shared with me that you have indeed worked in healthcare, and your chart supports that. Venus, the ruler of the Midheaven, also rules the 6th house, which is the house associated with health. Moon in Virgo in the 10th would very much appreciate knowing that the physical body is in top working condition. Diet and exercise could come into play here in a professional sense, as well as being able to apply detailed understanding of various body systems. Moon in the 10th indicates a sense of nurturing in your career, so taking care of people physically is one way this could happen. The fact that the ruler of the Midheaven (Venus) is conjunct the Moon in Virgo also supports the notion that caring for people is a viable career option.

There is something very deep and transformative about your work, though. There are many indications that your career needs to be involved with changing people dramatically, perhaps assisting them through some irreversible process that could be, literally or figuratively, life or death. Pluto, the planet of death and rebirth, is in the 10th house; Mercury, the ruler of the 10th, is in Scorpio; the Moon, ruler of the 8th house of transformation, is in the 10th house of career; Venus, ruler of the MC, is sextile Mercury in Scorpio and square Neptune in Scorpio. And quite strikingly, Pluto is on the ASC/MC midpoint, suggesting that transformation is not only a career theme for you, but a general life theme as well. In some way or another, you will find yourself in situations where major changes occur. I suppose you need to keep in mind that life keeps moving, and that new growth has a way of coming forth from situations that seemed desolate. Your knowledge and life experience, combined with your wonderful ability to connect to other people, may make you a sought-after grief counsellor.

Your chart suggests, in a number of ways, that you need to have a sense of personal autonomy in your career. You need to be able to be creative and express yourself without confinement. Ideally, you should be self-employed. If you do find you have to work for someone else, though, you need to be free to make your own decisions, and to do things with your own sense of leadership and drive. There is potential for greatness in your career, and that you will be highly recognized for your work. Your Sun is conjunct the Midheaven. Jupiter, the ruler of the chart, is in Leo conjunct Venus, the ruler of the MC.

The Sun-Saturn opposition in your chart tells me that you are definitely a hard worker, and any recognition you earn likely comes from having stamina to endure the resistance put in front of you.

The promise of great success is also suggested by the fact that Venus in Leo, the ruler of your Sun and Midheaven, is conjunct the fixed star Regulus. Success will come, and honours bestowed upon you, as long as your intentions are noble and neither self-serving nor revengeful. Keep your focus on the betterment of others.

You’ve shared stories with me on how your life and work have taken you many places around the globe. It is fair to say that your chart supports this, and that you should consider yourself a global citizen. Venus, the MC ruler, is in the 9th, conjunct Jupiter. The Sun, which is the ruler of the 9th house of travel, is conjunct the MC. It seems you need to keep your career ideas on an international level somehow, and I suppose the easiest way to do that is to through the internet. Can you think of some way of combining all of the above traits into something that can be done online? Or… get used to living out of a suitcase, which is what might happen anyway in 2013-2014, but that’s another story!

Themes of home/family/ancestry can be connected with your career somehow. The Moon in the 10th enjoys bringing the comforts and security of home into the career. Jupiter, the ruler of the 4th house of ancestry, is conjunct Venus, the MC ruler. There is some way that, in all the travels you do, you bring home along with you. Perhaps there is a secret there that needs to be shared with others. Perhaps there is something about your ability to make your career your home, or your home your career, that works for you. Maybe there is something from your ancestry that has pertinence in today’s world, and that is what you can develop as a career.

Thanks again for contacting me, and do keep in touch! Best wishes in your endeavours.


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