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Mercury Retrograde at the Music Festival

Astrologers often advise that the influence of Mercury Retrograde will result in a duplication of tasks or effort. This story takes the cake.

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Coping With and Maybe Even Inviting Mercury Retrograde

This morning, Mercury has stationed and, from our perspective here on Earth, is just about to turn to retrograde motion. The words “Mercury retrograde” can often muster feelings of panic in people who know something about astrology. But we must be careful not to turn our expectations of this phenomenon into a superstition. Yes, Mercury […]

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Mercury Retrograde and Medical Astrology

As Mercury turns retrograde today, I thought it would be a timely moment to pay tribute to people in the medical profession — those practising nowadays and physicians from earlier centuries. It was thought that periods of retrograde motion were connected somehow with healing, and the Rx prescription symbol we use today, the symbol for […]