Scorpio Full Moon: Credit Cards and Taxes

Sometimes I laugh at how astrology can be so straightforward. Often when I find myself searching for subtleties in a chart, the astrology reveals something blatantly obvious — to which I respond with a profound “duh”.

Today, for example, there is a Full Moon in Scorpio, arriving at a time when I am re-evaulating how I handle credit cards. A Full Moon in Scorpio can be just that: an awareness of debt. I wonder how many others are considering their financial picture this week.

Two days ago I received my Notice Of Assessment from Canada Revenue Agency, and that got me thinking. It is interesting that our tax deadline is April 30. A Full Moon either a week prior to the deadline, or in the weeks following, will always be in Scorpio, just at the time when the government makes us aware of how much we owe them! Taxation is a typical Scorpio theme, so the CRA has been brilliant in gathering their funds at this time of year. Do you suppose someone set that up astrologically?

In my own chart, this Scorpio Full Moon occurs in my 3rd house of shopping, opposite the Sun in the 9th house of long-distance travel. For years, I have collected travel points on a credit card. After having just booked my flight to London on points (more Astrology Summer School — yea!) I was shocked at the fees I needed to pay for taxes and surcharges. Really, I may as well have paid for the entire flight myself.

Banks and credit cards have their games to suck you in, and I thought I was being wise to them. But this Full Moon in Scorpio taught me that I relax my attitude about spending because I think I’ll be “rewarded” for it. Rewarded? Huh. I just switched to a much simpler credit card, one that is not as exciting to use.

Full Moons are said to reveal something it its fullest, and true to the Scorpio theme, my lesson seemed to be about spending. Do others of you have similar stories this week?

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