Taurus The Oak

If the bull were not the symbol for the second sign of the zodiac, I think the oak tree would make a fine substitute.

There is a wonderful old oak in my neighbourhood, strongly anchored in place on the corner of Alexandra Park by English Bay. Its presence is grounded and secure — like it has always been there and always will be. It endures our rainy winter without complaint, but at this Taurus time of the year, it comes alive with greenery once again.

The oak is a little slow in comparison to the other trees in the park. The white chestnuts, for example, have already started dropping their blossoms, and the maples’ leaves have hurried to unfurl in their young, yellow-green hue. The oak is taking her time.

dscn1730_16940431100_oCity planners have posted signs cautioning drivers to mind the branches of the tree that overhang the road, yet I have seen more than one delivery truck misjudge the clearance. The wrenching crunch always came from the truck. The oak remained unscathed, never giving in to the whims of vehicles.

The trunk of this tree is massive, and the limbs are solid. Anyone seeking shelter would certainly feel protected by this resolute and steadfast presence.

Here in Vancouver, the sun feels different now that we are into May. The ground is warming up. The scents of the earth are rising. Taurus The Oak is back.

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