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2014 Solar Eclipse In Scorpio

Just minutes before 3:00 pm Pacific Time, we’ll experience a Solar Eclipse in the wee degrees of Scorpio. That’s right, the Moon just squeaks into Scorpio this afternoon and less than one hour later wanders in front of the Sun, blocking the light. Looking at this rain right now, I wonder if any of us here in Vancouver will actually get to see our dear Sun let alone notice the lack of it. However…

A Solar Eclipse in Scorpio can bring into our lives an important ending and new beginning. Each one of us can use the energy of today’s eclipse by focussing on any pattern of behaviour we’d like to release from our life. It is important to clear our metaphorical gardens so that something new can grow instead. A Solar Eclipse is a potent time, so don’t plan on making changes half-heartedly. We’re talking commitment now. Ruthless commitment.

If you know where 0° of Scorpio falls in your own chart, you can get a better idea as to which area of your life needs attention these days. But you probably don’t need astrology for that! Now that this eclipse is here, coupled with Mercury just about to finish its retrograde phase, I imagine each one of us is raring to go with getting something new off the ground. Know that you are getting some support from the Universe. Give it a few days and your path will reveal itself.

People who have planets or chart angles at 0° to 1° of Fixed signs are the ones who will especially resonate with this eclipse. You are the ones who could use a reading any day now! It can be a great exercise to learn how this eclipse ripples through your natal chart, bringing significant change to your life. All too often we fear change, but with some clear astrological insight, we can make sense of what may seem like chaos and even welcome it into our lives.

Would love to hear your stories over the next few weeks as to what changes you’ve experienced!

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