Michelle Berting Brett and the Carpenters – Part 3

Canadian performer Michelle Berting Brett was born on July 8, 1964, at 9:32 am in Humboldt, Saskatchewan. The Water element is very strong in her chart, with Sun, Moon, Mercury and Saturn in Water signs. The Sun, too, is trine Neptune, and the Moon is in the Balsamic phase. It seems that Michelle can operate very much from a place of feeling, sensitivity, and intuition. Pluto on the Ascendant adds an intensity to the way in which Michelle perceives the world; she likely has some very strong research and detective skills. Combined with the Virgo Ascendant, I imagine Michelle is very thorough in attending to the details of her show.

MBBMars is conjunct the MC in Gemini, and 10th house Venus is in Gemini as well, so Michelle is adept at communicating and can do it in a charming way, especially in her profession. As a singer, this Water emphasis (feelings) combined with the Gemini energy (voice) would be a beneficial combination for Michelle. She is certainly skilled at bringing her audiences through a carefully crafted range of emotions.

There is a strong Cancer representation in this chart with each of the Sun, Moon, and Mercury (ruler of both Ascendant and Midheaven) in that sign. This suggests a heightened level of caring and nurturing of others. I might guess that Michelle is very much in tune with the needs of the other performers in her group. I wonder, too, if she takes on somewhat of a mothering role with the musicians backstage. Maybe she expresses genuine concern for their living arrangements, for what they’re eating, etc.

The Sun rules the 12th house in Michelle’s chart, and it is in a Grand Trine with Neptune and with Chiron at the Descendant. There is a great sense of empathy here and of being of service, perhaps in a healing role. The Sun’s placement in the 11th, as well as chart ruler Mercury’s position there, could suggest that Michelle is concerned with promoting the cause of some particular group or organization.

Michelle has no traditional planets in Fire, so she may naturally gravitate towards others who radiate enthusiasm. She may also like being in sunlight to boost her energy; perhaps the spotlight on stage does the same thing!

Similar to Karen’s chart, Michelle’s chart has only one traditional planet in an Earth sign. Michelle’s Jupiter in Taurus trines her Virgo Ascendant, offering an optimistic, good-humoured, yet practical nature to those who meet her. People likely sense stability within Michelle — that she will be dedicated and steadfast.

KC MBLet’s refer now to that list of significant points in Karen Carpenter’s chart. Notice that Michelle’s chart picks up all of them!

  1. Michelle’s North Node at 1° Cancer, and Moon at 5° Cancer, are conjunct Karen’s Ascendant and Uranus.
  2. Michelle’s Ascendant at 15°43′ Virgo closely conjuncts Karen’s Saturn.
  3. Michelle’s Jupiter at 19° Taurus squares Karen’s Leo-Aquarius planets — and from the same zodiacal position where t.Saturn squared them in 1970.
  4. Michelle’s Saturn at 4° Pisces, and Uranus at 7° Virgo, align with Karen’s MC/IC axis.
  5. Michelle’s Sun is at 16° Cancer, the degree of Karen’s progressed Ascendant in 1970, the year she skyrocketed to fame! This links Michelle strongly with Karen’s Neptune, a planet that rules music and, specifically, Karen’s public persona.

So yes, absolutely, Michelle Berting Brett is connected astrologically to Karen Carpenter. But Karen Carpenter wasn’t a solo act. She was part of a duo with her brother, Richard. Not only is Michelle’s chart strongly linked to Karen’s, there are some amazing ties to Richard’s, too. That’s coming up in Part 4…

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