The Birth Of A Latte

Every few weeks or so I invite my dog, Glacier, to take a trip to recycling with me. She loves going anywhere in the car. I like going to the recycling depot where you can return everything all at once: pop cans, beer cans, liquor bottles, even dead electronic devices. After getting a few dollars back, I then stop at the nearby drive-through Starbucks and, it seems, spend everything I just received.

I’m a sucker for promotions, I guess. Some time ago I got a card tempting me to buy so many grande drinks in return for “earning” a free one. Well, today I went for the Caramel Brûlé Latte. The voice in the drive-through order window suggested I get an extra shot of espresso in that. Okay. Then he said it would be $6.05 and to drive up to the next window. That “six dollars” thing got stuck in my head. I only made 4-something at recycling. What I really wanted to do was drive away. (Do people ever do that at a Starbucks?) Six dollars for a coffee?? I tried doing the math to figure out the value of the “free” drink I’d be getting in the future. It didn’t help.

I did find a couple loonies in my car — the ones I hide for emergency parking, so I was able to pay for my drink. The first few sips were certainly pleasant. Then I wished it had been even hotter, and perhaps not so sweet. I was sure-as-anything going to finish it, though.

It intrigued me that there was a time-stamp on my coffee. Right to the second. Hey, I could do a chart for this.


Very interesting indeed. Look at that Ascendant! 29 degrees and 59 minutes of Aquarius! A couple seconds later and it would have been a Pisces Ascendant. I figured I had to honour the time given, even if my first sip may have been when the Ascendant had changed signs.

Both rulers of Aquarius are connected to the MC of the chart: Saturn by conjunction, and Uranus by a partile trine. “This here coffee” is going to be made known publicly! Hence this blog, I suppose.

Neptune in the 1st is tightly trine Venus in Scorpio (in detriment). That’s probably the “too sweet” experience.

Chart ruler Uranus opposes Mars in Libra — also in detriment. If Mars were in a nice Fire sign instead, maybe it would have been hotter. For the chart of a coffee, Mars in Libra, I think, gives a little too polite a temperature.

It was fun to see the presence of the Centaurs, Nessus and Pholus, in this chart. With Pholus conjunct the Moon, I so wish I could say, as Melanie Reinhart writes, that “the lid came off”. But it didn’t. However, that Nessus conjunct the Ascendant speaks very well of “the buck stops here”. I don’t plan on buying another 6-dollar coffee anytime soon.

The Moon at 24 Sagittarius is actually void of course. What was I thinking? The expression “Nothing will come of it” seems to suit the purchase of this coffee.

Glacier and I made it home just as I finished the last sips. Then we went to the park to play frisbee. I suppose that triple-shot espresso came into good use after all. She had trouble keeping up with me.

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