Current Configurations

Winter Progression

Astrology can be used as a tool to make sense of the past as well as give some indication of the future. As 2016 draws to a close, it’s a nice time to reflect on what the path of the dwindling year brought to each of us.

For example, for those people with an Ascendant in the middle degrees of Sagittarius, this has likely been a year of consolidation and effort for you as transiting Saturn has shifted from your twelfth house to your first. Have you noticed a decrease in the number of people with whom you associate? That’s not a bad thing. It’s Saturn’s way of having you select the healthy relationships that will provide you the most growth in the years to come. Maybe you’ve finally decided to take a more serious look at your health; embarking on a regimen of a nutritious diet and appropriate exercise can be Saturn’s way of saying you need to be taking care of yourself as number one. These changes might feel somewhat foreign to these Sagittarius rising folks. Normally they’d rather be adding more to their plate, not taking away from it. Normally they’d rather be mingling with all kinds of culturally-diverse people, not making decisions to let some of their contacts slip into the background. Know that this new serious tone is helping you establish better structures for the years to come.

Others having a significant shift in 2016 are those born with a Midheaven in the middle of Capricorn. Transiting Pluto has likely brought a major change in your career. Perhaps you saw it coming. Perhaps you knew your current line of work would no longer suit your own aspirations or the demands of the marketplace. Or perhaps the change hit you hard. During the course of a Pluto transit, you may feel as if you are lost in the woods. But like the plot of all good fairy-tales, the hero or heroine makes it through the forest, eventually to experience a transformed life. Give yourself patience and trust that this eventual outcome will come your way.

As the Winter Solstice approaches, this might just be a great time to check in with your astrologer. Rather than talking about the future, ask to talk about the past. The gained understanding is sure to put your whole being at ease.

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