Innovation, Structure, and Beauty – Part 2

In my previous post, we looked at the chart of Leonardo da Vinci and discovered facets that suggested he was artistic, progressive, and transformative.  It is not too surprising that the chart of Johann Sebastian Bach reveals the same traits.

BachBach’s chart contains many signatures of The Artist Checklist. His 12th house Sun opposes Jupiter, one of the rulers of the 12th. His Moon is in a conjunction with Neptune, the other ruler of the 12th. Mercury and Venus are conjunct in Pisces in the 12th, suggesting imagination and artistry through voice or fingers (Mercury). The 5th house of creativity is brought into play with the ruler of the 5th (the Sun) conjunct the Ascendant. As well, Mars, the ruler of the Ascendant, is in a partile trine with that 5th house ruler! Neptune is in a close sextile to the MC, making it likely that Bach would be known for his artistry in addition to his faith.

J. S. Bach was certainly a pioneer in music by helping to revolutionize the tuning system of his day. In the earlier part of his life, keyboards were tuned according to Pythagorian physics of sound. His Inventions and Sinfonias were restricted to being in keys that “worked” on the keyboard. With the advent of equal-tempered tuning, in his Well-Tempered Clavier (Books 1 and 2), Bach celebrated the fact that music could now be written for the keyboard in any of the 12 major and 12 minor keys. In a manner of speaking, Bach became the salesperson for this new technology.

What better way of starting The Progressive Checklist than Uranus in the 1st exactly trine the Midheaven! Uranus rules the 11th, so that reinforces the fact that Bach is willing to step out publicly in the name of progress. Bach’s Moon is in Aquarius in the 11th, also indicative of someone who is willing to break the mold to advance technology. His sensitive Venus in Pisces in the 12th is in aspect to Saturn, the co-ruler of the 11th; his art, then, is connected to social change. The Ascendant Ruler (Mars) is also aspecting Saturn, the ruler of the 11th, giving more weight to the suggestion that Bach had ability to instigate progress. If Bach were alive today, he would likely thrive on our quickly changing world, embrace technology, and offer us peace and tranquility through his music at the same time.

The Transformative Checklist is also evident in the chart of Johann Sebastian Bach. His Sun and Ascendant are in aspect to both rulers of the 8th house — to Mars by trine, and to Pluto by square. The Sun-Mars trine is especially tight. The artistry expressed through Venus in Pisces is surely to have the power to move us, as Venus aspects both 8th house rulers, too.

Back to those original words I jotted down: innovation, structure, beauty. Both Leonardo da Vinci and Johann Sebastian Bach expressed these traits through their art. The astrological checklists certainly support this potential within these two historical figures.

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