Tell Me A Story (There are only six) – Part 6


All good stories have a challenge that needs to be resolved, and the astrological chart gives us a very simple way of sorting out those challenges. It all comes down to the opposition. What’s the 6-12 challenge?

Be Rational or Follow Your Instincts

The 6th House is the place for keeping track of things, for organizing your day, for planning your meals to fit your budget and nutritional needs. The 12th House lets go of schedules. It has no need for things. It’s about keeping you aligned with your higher self or higher power.

The 6th and the 12th Houses are both concerned with health. The 6th approaches it from more of a scientific perspective — adopting a lifestyle including exercise and proper nutrition, for example. Things you can measure thrive very well in the 6th House. The 12th house, on the other hand, approaches health from a more wholistic point of view. In this realm, being attuned with Spirit will nourish body, mind, and soul.

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