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Poland and the Eclipses

Over the last few weeks, my website has accumulated interest from viewers in Poland. I have no idea why, so this morning I began to investigate — to “play” with astrological charts.  Sure enough, some key clues and connections did arise. At the moment, I have no definite conclusions as to the interest from Polish readers, but I am curious to get some responses from my followers in that country.

I suppose my eyes and ears have been extra receptive lately since my own chart has been activated by the current Moon cycle. On November 13, we had a New Moon — in fact, a Solar Eclipse — at 21° of Scorpio. The following Full Moon on November 28, a Lunar Eclipse, activated 6° of Gemini and Sagittarius. The upcoming New Moon on December 13 will conclude the cycle at 21° of Sagittarius. All of the mentioned degrees trigger significant points in my chart, so I’ve been particularly observant about what’s happening around me. Those eclipse moments usually do mark significant events or directions in a person’s life… or a country’s life, for that matter. New opportunities arise, doors may be opened, and doors may be locked shut. Anyhow, keep those degrees in mind:
– 21° Scorpio
– 6° Gemini and 6° Sagittarius
– 21° Sagittarius

Since the Solar Eclipse of November 13 seemed to start this process, I wondered what the eclipse chart looked like as set in Warsaw. Hmmm… 29° Leo rising! That’s the degree of my Sun. Chiron of my chart is directly opposite at 29° Aquarius, exactly conjunct the Warsaw eclipse Descendant. The IC of the Warsaw eclipse falls at 18° of Scorpio. [Add that degree to your list.] The Sun and Moon in this eclipse chart, then, draw much focus to the ancestry of the country — the feeling of national pride, of heritage, of family roots. I can’t help but think that something is brewing in Poland, something that makes people want to reconnect with their past.

In the Lunar Eclipse chart of November 28, the rising degree is 14° Gemini when set in Warsaw. I have Mars at 13° Gemini, perhaps making me a likely candidate to express something in writing about this time! It’s funny: I have no business or personal connection to Poland, yet something is drawing me to have a look.

I am not a political person by any means, so my knowledge of world events is rather limited. Here is where I need some help from my Polish readers. In trying to figure out the astrological chart of Poland, a couple options came up as to the symbolic start of the current national “entity” that is today’s Poland.

First of all, does anybody still carry any emotional attachment or political ties to the government as formed on November 14, 1918? My eyes widened when I saw the chart for that day — the Sun being at 21° Scorpio! Has something recently been opened up regarding the government back then?

More astrologers today seem to use the date of August 24, 1989 as the symbolic start to the current Poland. The rising degree of that chart (set at 1:05 pm) is 18° Scorpio. That’s the IC of the recent Solar Eclipse set for Warsaw! It seems to me that the people of Poland really want to address their roots. The recent eclipse happening in the 1st house of the August 24th chart (and so close to the Ascendant) suggests that Poland wants to establish a new identity in the world.

So, please forgive my ignorance, but what is going on in Poland these days? Yes, I could do an internet search for the latest news, but I thought that the real truth might somehow not yet be available. Maybe this is one of those things that is good not to know. But I can’t help being curious! So, my Polish friends, what’s going on?

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