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Predicting or Forecasting?

A number of people may be reluctant to consult an astrologer because they may be afraid of what the astrologer may predict. Really, what if the astrologer says something bad, or says that something horrible is going to happen? Who wants to know that? And worse still, who wants to pay someone for that kind of information?! Here, dear readers, is where there is a misunderstanding between predicting and forecasting.

In my opinion, the act of predicting gets a little bit tangled up with the ego of the astrologer. Astrologers who advertise they will predict things for you somehow imply the message that they have some kind of power over you — some kind of greater knowledge that we mortal people do not possess. Forecasting, on the other hand, offers a person insight on the kind of tendencies or life themes that may be developing, and it provides information as to why things may be happening at certain times. Having quality astrological forecasting, then, empowers people to make decisions for themselves. Here are some examples of predicting: 

  • You will meet someone next month and get married by the end of the year.
  • You will change careers before the summer.
  • You will move to another city.
  • You will have two children.

Don’t you feel somewhat like a victim by these statements — that you have no control over what is going to happen?

Here are the same topics worded as forecasting:

  • Next month it seems you may be more open to meeting people. As the year develops, there are signs that you may be more interested in working closely with a business partner or in developing a significant personal relationship.
  • There are indications that you are ready to make some changes in your career by summertime. Maybe you are getting bored with what you’re doing and want something more challenging or stimulating. Or maybe you’ll be presented with a new job opportunity that seems appealing to you — something more suited to who you are as a person.
  • Are you feeling that something about your current city isn’t working for you? Have you been thinking about relocating? Let’s see what kind of energy you are likely to encounter if you move to [wherever].
  • Would you like to have children? Your chart can reveal a number of things about what kind of parent you might be.

Notice that in forecasting, the client is free to make up his or her own mind after some thoughtful discussion with the astrologer. This is the style of conversation you should have in a good-quality astrological consultation. Your life is not in the hands of someone else. A good astrologer should make you feel that you really understand yourself and your needs, and that you are in control of the choices you make for yourself.

The picture I have included for this post is a little tongue-in-cheek humour. It is uncanny how many times I have told people that I am an astrologer and they hold out their palm for me to read.


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