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November 2013 Solar Eclipse

Last Sunday’s solar eclipse occurred just before 4:50 am Pacific Standard Time with both Sun and Moon at 11┬░ 16′ of Scorpio. Although the eclipse could not be seen from Vancouver, casting a chart for that moment in time can reveal some interesting things that are likely to be made known over the next 6 […]

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Vancouver and Tomorrow’s Lunar Eclipse

A Lunar Eclipse marks a time of intense polarization. Setting tomorrow’s eclipse chart for Vancouver shows some interesting things to note. By the way, the chart set for Victoria BC, representing the province as a whole, is basically the same. From an astrological point of view, then, it is hard to differentiated from matters pertaining […]

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Poland and the Eclipses

Over the last few weeks, my website has accumulated interest from viewers in Poland. I have no idea why, so this morning I began to investigate — to “play” with astrological charts. ┬áSure enough, some key clues and connections did arise. At the moment, I have no definite conclusions as to the interest from Polish […]