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November 2013 Solar Eclipse

Last Sunday’s solar eclipse occurred just before 4:50 am Pacific Standard Time with both Sun and Moon at 11┬░ 16′ of Scorpio. Although the eclipse could not be seen from Vancouver, casting a chart for that moment in time can reveal some interesting things that are likely to be made known over the next 6 months or so in our city. The recent lunar eclipse emphasized polarity and contrasts. This solar eclipse marks significant endings and beginnings.

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Vancouver and Tomorrow’s Lunar Eclipse

A Lunar Eclipse marks a time of intense polarization. Setting tomorrow’s eclipse chart for Vancouver shows some interesting things to note. By the way, the chart set for Victoria BC, representing the province as a whole, is basically the same. From an astrological point of view, then, it is hard to differentiated from matters pertaining to Vancouver itself and matters pertaining to the entire province. Anyhow, let’s explore the symbolism.

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Poland and the Eclipses

Over the last few weeks, my website has accumulated interest from viewers in Poland. I have no idea why, so this morning I began to investigate — to “play” with astrological charts. ┬áSure enough, some key clues and connections did arise. At the moment, I have no definite conclusions as to the interest from Polish readers, but I am curious to get some responses from my followers in that country.