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Jupiter Direct at 6° Gemini

Yesterday, in the wee hours of the morning here in Vancouver, Jupiter shifted back into direct motion. From our perspective on Earth, it’s almost like the planet needed to travel in reverse gear from it’s place at 16° Gemini last October to tend to some unfinished business. It made it back to 6° Gemini where it stopped for a moment. Now it is getting back into first gear.

Jupiter rules higher education — looking at the world with a broad, open mind. Jupiter brings expansion and growth. Jupiter is freedom to explore one’s belief system. Jupiter can inspire travel in order to enjoy the enriched experience of being with other cultures. Jupiter always wants to know more and wants to share that knowledge with others. And Jupiter can certainly dabble in politics.

Jupiter’s retrograde passage through Gemini suggests that we each needed to learn something more thoroughly, that we needed to improve our skills in some area, and that we needed to rethink our viewpoint on some particular subject. A retrograde Jupiter in Gemini suggests going back to the library to take out that book again on whatever subject fascinated you. Or maybe you revisited a blog you once enjoyed, either to discover it had been missing in your life for a time, or that it really wasn’t what you thought it was cracked up to be in the first place. Maybe you simply tidied up your computer — deleted bookmarks that weren’t relevant anymore to make space for new ones. Or did you get back in touch with an old friend? Perhaps you’ve been dealing with too many tools and gadgets over the last year and have now had to consolidate in order to move ahead more efficiently. Yes, Jupiter likes to have it all, but it does know if having too much actually gets in the way of having more. Does that make sense?

So where in your life recently have you needed to come to terms with something? Where have you had to put on the brakes and make some adjustments to your thinking or communicating? That’s probably the area where Jupiter is lurking in your chart these days. Jupiter values honesty and generosity, and Jupiter’s spirit is optimistic and hopeful. It’s now time to move ahead in these areas with that frame of mind.

Now, an interesting coincidence is that 6° Gemini is the exact degree of our last eclipse. Think back to the end of November 2012. What was going on in your life then? Any doors open for you? Any doors locked shut? Perhaps you were just about to start something new but needed a little more time to get it right. That time is now over. Jupiter has given you the green light that your learning is done. Time to move onwards and upwards.

For the city of Vancouver, and for Victoria (representing the province of British Columbia in general), Jupiter was sitting right on the western horizon when it switched from being in retrograde motion to direct motion. This may signal a time of increased interactions with other provinces, countries, businesses and organizations. Yet what are the hot topics for British Columbia politically these days? To whom might we be giving too much trust or benefit of the doubt? Are we putting too much faith in what others are telling us? Are we simply falling for their charm? This could be Jupiter’s message to us.

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