Happy Birthday, Canada Council

Thanks, @CanadaCouncil, for tweeting that today is your birthday and for inviting comments from fellow tweeters, twitterers, twits… okay, maybe not twits. I am happy to join in your celebration and offer what insight I can.

To start I must confess that I am making some assumptions here, which is a real no-no for astrologers. First of all, in my quick research to confirm that today, March 28, is indeed your birthday, I consulted Google and the all-knowing Wikipedia. In a number of places I found the year 1957, but nowhere did I see the actual date. (I’d be grateful of someone could confirm this date for me.) Secondly, I am assuming that some proclamation was made prior to the day saying something like, “March 28, 1957, will be the day that Canada Council will first be in operation”. That means that prior to March 28, 1957, its purpose had been discussed and the organization was given the stamp of approval. Everything was set for the entity to begin on March 28, 1957. Symbolically, then, its birth moment would be considered as midnight at the start of that day, and that the event had taken place in Ottawa.

All that aside, here’s what I have to say:

Dear Canada Council,

Happy Birthday! It looks like you are in for a very busy year, with much of your action being focussed on internal housekeeping issues. Your Solar Return chart for this year has retrograde Mars on the Ascendant, suggesting that you are going to be perceived as busy, but that the energy will be directed inwards. The Sun of the Solar Return chart is in the 6th house, again suggesting a focus on daily operations. The Sun, however, is picking up the dynamic T-square of Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto, so this suggests some major upheavals in how you do things.

CanCouncil 2014The Sun of the Solar Return chart is in a sesquiquadrate aspect to Saturn (say that three times), suggesting that you, too, are being challenged by your superiors — the Government Of Canada, I assume — and you will have to jump through a number of hoops to get what you want this year. It’s do-able, but will take a lot of effort.

This is definitely your year to dream, and artists of Canada will appreciate the vision that you propose. The Midheaven of the Solar Return chart is in Cancer, ruled by the Moon in Pisces positioned in the very creative 5th house, in a wide conjunction to Neptune. Do you have something in the works to promote art for children this year? That could be one way this plays out.

Venus in Aquarius (the chart ruler) is trine the Ascendant of this chart. Again, the public’s perception of what you are doing is very pleasing, and we will likely appreciate that you are being innovative in your own manner of doing things, which in itself, is inspiring for artists.

Do watch out for matters of uncertainty in the people who work for the organization. Information might not be clear to them, or they may be interpreting things in ways that best suit themselves. If this goes to an extreme, we could even say that deception is in the works. Do put forward significant effort to make sure everyone is working above board and that everyone understands each other. This is especially the case in March-April, in August, and again in early 2015. Transiting Neptune in the 3rd is forming a square to natal Mars in Gemini in the 6th house.

The circumstances of how you operate, and how you are seen by the public, look like they are getting overhauled, especially in May and September-October. Mercury of your natal chart is getting triggered by the Uranus and Pluto. This could also suggest a sudden loss of data or information, so do be prudent in backing up all computer files! Because Mercury rules the 10th house of your natal chart, it could be that there are changes happening in the top of the organization that will significantly alter how things are done.

Saturn of the Solar Return chart is conjunct the North Node of the natal chart. This suggests that you are being very serious and practical about the direction in which you are going. The nodal axis often suggests relationships, so this could indicate that you are getting connected with a person or other group that brings much authority into the scene.

So, in summary, I think people within the Canada Council will have a busy year ahead, having to do some very hard work adapting to changes and new circumstances. Yet the people of Canada are going to be on your side.

Now, somebody cut the cake!


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