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British Columbia and the April 2014 Lunar Eclipse

We’re about to experience a Lunar Eclipse after midnight tonight. At 12:42 am Pacific Time on April 15, the earth will block the sun’s rays, casting a shadow on what otherwise would have been a very bright full moon. The eclipse will reach totality a few minutes later, and we, here in British Columbia, will have a great view of it.


Lunar EclipseIn astrology, a Full Moon marks a period when polarity is emphasized and matters reach their culmination, and a Lunar Eclipse is considered a “supercharged” Full Moon. Tonight’s eclipse has the Sun at 25° Aries and the Moon at 25° Libra, so any person (or any organization) having a planet or point in their chart from 24° to 26° of any Cardinal sign (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn), or 9° to 11° of any Mutable sign (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) is likely to experience a major event in their life in the next six months or so. The Province Of British Columbia is one such candidate! The eclipse activates BC’s Neptune at 24° Aries and Midheaven at 25° Capricorn. In addition, other significant astrological factors in the BC chart are happening at the same time.

Tonight’s Lunar Eclipse occurs in the 6th house of British Columbia’s chart. This puts great significance on the workers of the province — especially people in any kind of public service. Trade unions, the teachers’ union, and public health care workers will soon face a very clear picture on the status of their jobs. This eclipse squares the Midheaven (MC) of BC’s chart, suggesting that our government leaders and the public workers are at cross purposes. The ability to listen and to extend empathy may be a key to the resolution of matters.

The eclipse picks up Neptune in BC’s chart. Neptune rules oil as well as anything to do with the ocean, so matters concerning both the proposed oil pipeline and the shipping industry are probably coming to a head in the next few months. Neptune is the ruler of the 11th house of technology in the BC chart and is situated in the imaginative 12th house; computer animation companies may make great strides over the next few months. Neptune also represents our greatest dreams and ideals, so visions of our future are likely to be heightened. Neptune, too, represents nature and the spiritual connections we have with our environment, making this eclipse a time to express our gratitude for the beautiful place in which we live, and to take actions to preserve it.

British Columbia is experiencing a Jupiter return concurrently with this eclipse. The Jupiter return suggests the beginning of a new 12-year cycle of growth. There may be power struggles at work, though, since Pluto in the eclipse chart sits opposite Jupiter. Also, Mercury and Uranus square the Jupiter return, suggesting that decisions may be made a little too hastily in whatever areas of growth are proposed. For example, we need to make sure that we don’t just jump on the bandwagon of technology for technology’s sake. It will be important to consider new ideas carefully as they can certainly motivate us towards progress, but, in the long run, we must keep the bigger picture in mind.

Saturn of the eclipse chart sits exactly on the Descendant of the BC chart. The province as a whole may be dealing with some serious matters with our trading partners. We could face a reduction in the actual number of business partners, or there may be a concentration of attention towards the partners we currently have. This can be an important time to let go of trade relationships that are no longer beneficial. With Saturn on the Descendant of the chart, we may need to look to others for their wisdom and expertise.

Mars has also returned to its natal position of 16° Libra. There is a sense of renewed energy implied by this, and things started now will be in the forefront of our minds for the next two years.

The arts and cultural activities are stimulated by this eclipse chart. Venus, the planet ruling art and beauty, gets a boost from the sextile to Jupiter, and from the trine from transiting Pluto. This may indicate financial support for the arts, both from within the province (Jupiter in 2nd house) and from external resources (Pluto in the 8th). The eclipse Sun makes a conjunction to imaginative Neptune in the 12th house. Fashion, film, and photography are likely to be in the spotlight in the upcoming months.

With both Neptune and Jupiter featured in this Lunar Eclipse chart, people with vision are apt to step forward in the next while, perhaps helping us find new solutions to current challenges, or perhaps helping us see through our challenges to what is really important. Let’s be open to their wisdom.

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