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Tell Me A Story (There are only six) – Part 4

All good stories have a challenge that needs to be resolved, and the astrological chart gives us a very simple way of sorting out those challenges. It all comes down to the opposition. What’s the 4-10 challenge?

Family or Career

The 4th House is where you find your roots. It’s where you discover your ancestry. It’s the land under your feet. It’s home. The 4th House is where you are anchored in love. It’s where you will always matter to someone, regardless of anything that happened in your day. The 4th House is where you gather loved ones around and call them family.

Situated at the top of the chart, the 10th House is the flagpole of your castle. It’s the place that announces to the world just who you are and what you do. It’s your career. The 10th House is a lofty place where you strive to reach goals, where you gain recognition. It’s the place that demands you have a public face. It’s where others will say you are successful. It’s where you make your mark, and where you make a meaningful contribution to world.

You enter the workforce — the realm of the 10th house — to make a statement about your skills and talents, to make your life better, to make the lives of others better, to have more things, to live comfortably. You work in order to support the ones you love at home. At least that’s part of it, isn’t it? But spending more time at work, which generates the means to have more, does not equate to having a richer family life. You need to be at home for that.

If you are a stay-at-home parent or a retired person, you can certainly experience a rich and fulfilling life in a 4th House domain. But is part of the magic formula staying connected to the world outside somehow? Or somehow nurturing your own creative spark? For anyone dedicating all their waking hours to home and family, it matters to receive some kind of acknowledgement or recognition, even if it is a mere ‘thank you’ from time to time. That’s a taste of the 10th House.

Where are you along this axis of family and career? Any tips to share with others?

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Good morning Toby.

I have been following your Tell Me a Story series and I love the approach.


Karen M


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