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Tell Me A Story (There are only six) – Part 5

All good stories have a challenge that needs to be resolved, and the astrological chart gives us a very simple way of sorting out those challenges. It all comes down to the opposition. What’s the 5-11 challenge?

Do I fit in? Do I want to?

The 5th house theme is to make a mark in this world, to leave something behind that is proof that you were here. For some people, this is done by raising children. An alternate way, or an additional way, is to venture into the world of creativity — of making something that only you could make. It doesn’t have to be in one of the mediums people typically identify as artistic; you don’t have to be a painter, musician, actor, or dancer. Your creative self could shine in the way you adapt recipes by tossing in secret ingredients, or in the way you maintain your car. Maybe you have a knack for wrapping gifts, or maybe you enjoy discovering new ways of getting strangers to chat with you. The important thing is that, whatever you are doing, you are doing it your way.

The energy of the 5th house can readily come forth when working with children — even if they are not your own. We see children as being authentically creative, and we feel inclined to join them in the process. They freely draw, colour, dance, sing, pretend… that is, until someone convinces them that they shouldn’t. Being true to your 5th house is ignoring those external voices, and letting yourself ‘play’ at whatever makes you come alive.

The 11th House is the place where you find others who share your same ideas, opinions and interests. In astrology, we look to the 11th for descriptions of friends and social groups. The 11th House takes your 5th House creative activities and recreational pursuits and finds ‘playmates’ who enjoy doing the same. The joys of the 5th House can be enhanced when other people join in. Friends and group members can serve as a mirror of our own interests, reminding us of what we like in ourselves.

There is a little caution required, though, in spending too much time in the 11th House. Sometimes you can lose yourself or forget important pieces of your identity — sacrificing bits of yourself to the identity of the group. You may notice one day that your true opinions and interests aren’t recognized fully by these people. Although the 11th house is a wonderful place to connect to others, sometimes you need to check that they are accepting the real you into their circle. This is the challenge of the 5-11 axis.

If you have an opposition across the 5th and 10th Houses, if you have one or more planets in Leo opposite one or more planets in Aquarius, or if the nodal axis falls through these houses or signs, you may be aware of this balancing act of keeping true to your own authentic self while you engage in experiences with other people.

Where are you today along this axis of being your authentic self and fitting in with the group?

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