Astrology 101

The Underworld In Each Of Us

Recently I was contacted from a reader who offered this challenge:

“I’m sending you a message in regards to the subject matter: Plutonians. I’m new to astrology, and I find it extremely fascinating. Of course I’m asking out of interest regarding my own birth chart. Do you know much about Plutonians, or how to classify them, etc.?”

That is indeed a great question! Thank you for asking, and for inspiring me to share my thoughts. To get a better understanding of Pluto, we need to explore both how Pluto modifies personal patterns in natal charts, and how major life changes are marked by Pluto transits.  I hope you don’t mind that, as such, I have expanded your request. Here goes…

Careers Through The Lens Of Astrology

So Many Paths

Dear RV,

Thank you for letting me look at your chart to help offer some ideas about career paths for you. I mean this emphatically because you have Uranus on the Midheaven — no one’s going to tell you what to do! Although that certainly makes you one-of-a-kind in whatever occupation you take on, you might want to be careful that you don’t dismiss other people’s ideas just because they weren’t your own.

Current Configurations

Venus, Jupiter, Mars, and Pluto in Harmony

No doubt many astrologers will be writing about the Mercury retrograde phase we are entering this week, warning us of impending snags in technology and of fumbled communication. And you will certainly hear about the stressful square aspects made by Uranus and Pluto in the next several months — harbingers of upheaval and definite change. But this week, on Tuesday night, March 13, four bodies will create in their orbits a Grand Trine (an equilateral triangle) in our heavens. Jupiter and Venus will conjoin at 9° of Taurus, Mars will be positioned at 9° of Virgo, and Pluto will be at 9° of Capricorn. This, friends, is a time of great opportunity, good fortune, energy, transformation, and joy that will be there for the taking of many people. Grand Trine configurations don’t hit us over the head, though. They don’t surprise us with sudden benefits bestowed upon us.  They are like temporary buried treasure, requiring just a bit of effort to attain their riches. And there are some people for whom the keys to the treasure are waiting.