Astrology at Nordstrom Vancouver


Last night from 5:00 to 8:00 pm, I had the most marvelous time doing readings for customers at our new Nordstrom. What a fun way to spend a Friday night!

Thanks to Sun Dreams Productions for inviting me to participate in this special event celebrating designs by Ted Baker London. Customers were treated to hors d’ouevres, sparkling drinks, music from a great DJ, and astrology readings from yours truly! Continue reading

November 2013 Solar Eclipse


Last Sunday’s solar eclipse occurred just before 4:50 am Pacific Standard Time with both Sun and Moon at 11° 16′ of Scorpio. Although the eclipse could not be seen from Vancouver, casting a chart for that moment in time can reveal some interesting things that are likely to be made known over the next 6 months or so in our city. The recent lunar eclipse emphasized polarity and contrasts. This solar eclipse marks significant endings and beginnings. Continue reading

Lessons from Saturn


Just days ago, we experienced the first of seven squares of Uranus and Pluto, undoubtedly the start of some major shifts in humanity. Such changes can be so huge that we may actually need a decade or two to see objectively just what has happened. A little closer to home, though — a little more personal — are the effects that you likely experienced from Saturn’s recent movement through the heavens. With a little knowledge of your own astrological chart, you can gain some clarity as to what lessons Saturn needs you to learn this year. Continue reading

Venus, Jupiter, Mars, and Pluto in Harmony


No doubt many astrologers will be writing about the Mercury retrograde phase we are entering this week, warning us of impending snags in technology and of fumbled communication. And you will certainly hear about the stressful square aspects made by Uranus and Pluto in the next several months — harbingers of upheaval and definite change. But this week, on Tuesday night, March 13, four bodies will create in their orbits a Grand Trine (an equilateral triangle) in our heavens. Jupiter and Venus will conjoin at 9° of Taurus, Mars will be positioned at 9° of Virgo, and Pluto will be at 9° of Capricorn. This, friends, is a time of great opportunity, good fortune, energy, transformation, and joy that will be there for the taking of many people. Grand Trine configurations don’t hit us over the head, though. They don’t surprise us with sudden benefits bestowed upon us.  They are like temporary buried treasure, requiring just a bit of effort to attain their riches. And there are some people for whom the keys to the treasure are waiting. Continue reading

The Element Of Fire


Fire brings energy and enthusiasm, initiative and leadership. The Fire element instills optimism, creativity, and confidence. People with a lot of Fire in their charts can certainly provide the spark required to get any project moving. A lack of Fire can cause doubt in one’s ability or make someone generally apathetic.

Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are the three Fire signs. The placement of the Sun, Moon, or any of the planets from Mercury through Saturn in these signs can give an individual a noticeable “dose” of Fire.