Current Configurations

Venus, Jupiter, Mars, and Pluto in Harmony

No doubt many astrologers will be writing about the Mercury retrograde phase we are entering this week, warning us of impending snags in technology and of fumbled communication. And you will certainly hear about the stressful square aspects made by Uranus and Pluto in the next several months — harbingers of upheaval and definite change. But this week, on Tuesday night, March 13, four bodies will create in their orbits a Grand Trine (an equilateral triangle) in our heavens. Jupiter and Venus will conjoin at 9° of Taurus, Mars will be positioned at 9° of Virgo, and Pluto will be at 9° of Capricorn. This, friends, is a time of great opportunity, good fortune, energy, transformation, and joy that will be there for the taking of many people. Grand Trine configurations don’t hit us over the head, though. They don’t surprise us with sudden benefits bestowed upon us.  They are like temporary buried treasure, requiring just a bit of effort to attain their riches. And there are some people for whom the keys to the treasure are waiting.

2012-03-13 Grand Trine in EarthIf you were born on or around April 29, September 1, or December 30, the Sun of your chart is positioned on or near 9° of an Earth sign, making you an automatic candidate for this positive energy. A number of my friends and clients are in this condition; their initials are BC, MS, PC, KLM, WZ, KMP, CAC, JB, GT and AN.

Here is where you need to know your own astrological chart a bit. Your Moon could also be positioned at or near 9° of an Earth sign, making you, too, a recipient of this wonderful configuration.  (This is the case for clients and friends JP, WMA, SM, KS, and LE.) Or your Ascendant, or any other personal planet may be on these lucky degrees.

So what could this Grand Trine be bringing? Being in Earth signs, the results are likely to be physical or perhaps financial. The Jupiter-Venus corner offers happiness, charm, optimism, and an overall positive spirit. Mars brings energy and confidence. Pluto here offers transformation and a chance for a new beginning.

If the Sun, Moon, or planet in your chart is situated near 9°  of Taurus (birthdays on or near April 29, as one example), you are likely feeling healthy and affectionate now, that everything has a way of working out for you. You may have an urge to study or go back to school. Business and commercial activities are good, and you have a powerful and effective way of advancing yourself personally. Your energy level is likely high, and you would enjoy releasing some of that through physical activity.

If your chart has something near 9° of Virgo (birthdays on or near September 1), you can really tap into your physical energy now; you might even need a reminder that you could overdo yourself! Your confidence level is very high, and you can certainly stand up for yourself these days. Rewarding experiences are in your grasp, and you, too, are capable of great personal advancement. Being together with friends and loved ones is especially favourable for you.

People with 9° of Capricorn represented (birthdays on or near December 30, for example) can expect some great change in their life these days, and with the blessing of this Grand Trine, the changes can bring wonderful opportunities. Don’t make the mistake of going after things that stroke your own ego, though; make your goal to be the finest expression of yourself that can benefit everyone. This is a rewarding time for you, and you will also enjoy social and physical activity. Your confidence is high in spite of the great changes you may encounter. Perhaps that confidence can assist you through that change. You have the energy and likely the finances to travel wherever you like.

Enjoy this time, everyone! And whenever we get a night sky that is clear this week, do go out and look for Jupiter and Venus together, and you can also spot Mars further to the east.

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