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Lessons from Saturn

Just days ago, we experienced the first of seven squares of Uranus and Pluto, undoubtedly the start of some major shifts in humanity. Such changes can be so huge that we may actually need a decade or two to see objectively just what has happened. A little closer to home, though — a little more personal — are the effects that you likely experienced from Saturn’s recent movement through the heavens. With a little knowledge of your own astrological chart, you can gain some clarity as to what lessons Saturn needs you to learn this year.

This past February, Saturn almost made it out of the the sign of Libra. Just half a degree short of its sign change into Scorpio, Saturn stopped its forward motion and began retracing steps (as viewed from our perspective on Earth). Saturn made it all the way back to 22 degrees of Libra, a position it last occupied in November of 2011. Saturn is the stern taskmaster — requiring duty, dedication, and effort. Since February, then, it seems each of us had not learned enough in a certain area of life and needed more time to “get it right”. Think of a teacher, a boss, or some other authority figure who requires you to re-do a project because you didn’t get enough out of it the first time. That’s what Saturn has been asking of us.

Having a little familiarity with your own astrological chart, you can find out what has needed the most work over the past few months. Knowing which house (or houses) of your chart include the portion of Libra from 22° to 29°, you’ll have a quick suggestion on what it is that has required your attention. If you need some help, there are many chart services online (and there are now chart-calculation apps, too!), or you could certainly contact your friendly-neighbourhood-astrologer instead.

If Saturn has been moving through your FIRST house, you’ve needed to turn your attention inward to learn what is important for you as an individual. You may have been more solitary than usual these past few months; although this may not be your usual manner,  this is one way to get to know yourself better.

A SECOND house transit of Saturn is likely to have been a time for you to do without some of your possessions. Perhaps you have learned that you just don’t need all that “stuff” in your environment. Your task now is to get better control of your finances and to do a reality-check on what things are actually important.

You’ve been needing to learn some new skills if Saturn has been going through your THIRD house. Tools of communication (phones, computers) or transportation (cars, bicycles) may have been breaking down for you more than usual. Somehow it has been more difficult than usual to make connections with others. Perhaps siblings, too, have been experiencing challenges lately. This is a time for you to really work on what it is you are trying to say.

Situations regarding your home or immediate family may be put to the test now if Saturn has been in your FOURTH house. Have you had to put a lot of effort into building or restructuring your living space? Is a parent requiring a lot of your attention these days? It may be hard to concentrate at work because your focus needs to be at home.

Saturn through your FIFTH house may indicate a time when you really need to apply more effort to your creative endeavours. Rather than participating in sports or recreation just because the activities are fun, now is a time to build a disciplined routine in your leisure hours. Another scenario may be that you’ve had to lessen the amount of time you spend doing things for fun. Perhaps your children are requiring your attention now.

If Saturn has been moving through your SIXTH house, you may be facing some health issues. Taking on more structure in diet and exercise is a common request from Saturn at this time. Your duties at work may seem tougher than usual now. It will help if you get organized and develop some kind of plan for yourself.

A SEVENTH house transit of Saturn may require work on business and personal relationships. Making needed agreements and contracts may take more effort than usual now. Use the time to realize exactly which people in your life form your best relationships; you may have to say goodbye to some of the superfluous ones.

It may be harder than usual to keep things private if Saturn has been going through your EIGHTH house. It is an important time to dig deep into matters at hand, even if you think you are getting little payback for your efforts. It could be that you now must to work harder to get (or keep) possessions you hold jointly with someone else. Did your last income tax return require an audit?

The NINTH house transit of Saturn may be a time when it is harder than usual to broaden your understanding of things. Do continue to apply more effort to your educational pursuits. You are not likely to travel as much now, or the travel you do will be out of obligation rather than for enjoyment. Are you dealing with some legal matters now?

Your career may be taking much of your time and effort if Saturn is moving through your TENTH house. Did you lose a job lately? Or have you had to take on even more responsibility at work? Keep your efforts steadfast and you will get results. Things may not come easily, but what does come will be of good quality.

Saturn through the ELEVENTH house may indicate a time when your friends are undergoing some tough times and need your help.  You may have had to close the door to some social activities. This may be a time in your life when you need to include in your social life people who are older than you are.

And finally, a TWELFTH house visit from Saturn may indicate that it is now a tough time to get any respite from the world. It could also show that you need to structure more downtime in your life now. Involving some kind of pre-determined routine into your practice of meditation or prayer may be more fulfilling now than simply letting yourself “go with the flow”. If you work in a creative field, your job now may be to take all those fanciful ideas and make something real with them.

Saturn rewards hard work, so get busy and put the effort into whatever area of your life needs it!

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