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Vancouver and Tomorrow’s Lunar Eclipse

A Lunar Eclipse marks a time of intense polarization. Setting tomorrow’s eclipse chart for Vancouver shows some interesting things to note. By the way, the chart set for Victoria BC, representing the province as a whole, is basically the same. From an astrological point of view, then, it is hard to differentiated from matters pertaining to Vancouver itself and matters pertaining to the entire province. Anyhow, let’s explore the symbolism.

The Sun in this eclipse chart is in the 7th house (Placidus system) and the Moon in the 1st. It seems, then, that the people of our city (or province) are feeling like our leaders are favouring some external point of view. Perhaps leaders are contemplating taking some other city’s (province’s or state’s) way of handling something and the people here are feeling like they are being imposed upon.

This Sun-Moon opposition is being exacerbated by two planets: Jupiter in Cancer in the 5th, and Venus in Sagittarius in the 9th. These two suggest that matters of culture, sports, and recreation are up for discussion. There may be some disagreements over how the city/province provides funding for these various groups. How our court systems manage their own resources can also bring some controversy.

Neptune and Chiron are straddling the Ascendant of this eclipse chart, and both oppose Mars in Virgo in the 6th. Neptune on the Ascendant suggests that we are making ourselves vulnerable. Yes, it’s one thing to be open and forgiving, but it’s another to let one’s defenses down and be prone to attack (Mars). With Mars in Virgo in the 6th, the “attack” might be a health-related one. I can’t help thinking of flu season coming up.

Mars can indicate where a society needs to be fighting. It seems that public workers, nurses and other healthcare employees need to be on alert these days, but with Mars’ opposition to Neptune, they might not have a clear idea as to what the countering issues are truly about. Something is being kept from them.

Neptune on the Pisces Ascendant can suggest, on a literal level, a very wet environment. Let’s hope it’s just thick morning fog and not days and days of the “r” word. I wonder if we’ll hear stories about flooding around the province.

Chiron in the 1st, so close to the Ascendant, suggests that we need be take on a healing role towards ourselves and our environment. Over the next few months, it might be wise to reflect on how we have dealt with past troubles in order to learn how to better support ourselves now. The grouping of Neptune and Chiron at the Pisces Ascendant can indicate that we need to turn our attention more to our oceans, rivers, and lakes. From the past, we’ve learned how to make a mess of them. Now we need to apply even better care (Mars in Virgo) that they don’t become “ill” as a result of further misdoings.

On a positive note, with Uranus in the 1st in trine with Venus in the 9th, we can expect some fun and unusual developments in the areas of fashion, music, and visual arts — especially those representing the diverse spectrum of cultures in our midst. Mercury trines Jupiter in Cancer in the 5th, so teachers and students can find great value in using theatre to explore concepts of family and heritage.

Some say that eclipse charts are said to be in effect for about six months. Let’s keep these thoughts in our minds for a while and see what develops.

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