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November 2013 Solar Eclipse

Last Sunday’s solar eclipse occurred just before 4:50 am Pacific Standard Time with both Sun and Moon at 11° 16′ of Scorpio. Although the eclipse could not be seen from Vancouver, casting a chart for that moment in time can reveal some interesting things that are likely to be made known over the next 6 months or so in our city. The recent lunar eclipse emphasized polarity and contrasts. This solar eclipse marks significant endings and beginnings.

The eclipse falls in the 1st house in Vancouver (using Placidus houses). There is a story here about our appearance to the rest of the country. It could be that Vancouver will be seen as a new best place for something. Or the flip side could be true: this may be the end of our reputation as a chosen place for something.

The eclipse in Scorpio attributes power to both Mars and Pluto in the chart, the co-rulers of Scorpio. It is interesting that the Sun and Moon form a minor grand trine with these two rulers, suggesting easy opportunities for development. Themes of destruction and rebuilding may come to the fore, perhaps in the area of schools, community centres, and the post office.

This eclipse chart suggests a strong pull to connecting with others. Pluto is in the 3rd House of neighbours along with chart ruler Venus. Mars is in the 11th house of friends while it rules the 7th house of partnerships. Is something new to begin that pairs Vancouver with a neighbouring city? Supporting this notion is the fact that Jupiter rules the 3rd house, exalted in the sign of Cancer, and is positioned prominently on the Midheaven of this eclipse chart. It appears, then, that our attention to neighbours will be very much in the news.

The 3rd house emphasis brought to the MC via Jupiter might also suggest that foreign language is a topic of interest. Maybe something is developing in Vancouver (or British Columbia in general) on how we involve foreign language in our everyday affairs.

Jupiter is entering a stationary phase about to turn retrograde. It never quite makes it to 20° 38′ of Cancer — the MC of this eclipse chart — until late spring. We need to wait until early June 2014, which is just a couple weeks before Uranus will be crossing the Descendant of this eclipse chart. Perhaps the ideas of working jointly with some neighbouring community or adopting new language practices are being seeded now, and we will see them come to fruition in June 2014.

Jupiter on the MC could also mean that Vancouverites are becoming more charitable and philanthropic. We may be seen by people from other cities and countries as a community with a very generous spirit. Our colleges and universities may be in the news, too, perhaps with a plan to make it more affordable for citizens to pursue higher education. Mercury rules the 9th house of higher education, so it’s current retrograde status might suggest more people returning to school to “have another go”.

Saturn makes a very close conjunction to the eclipse. Saturn in 2nd can mean financial restraints — which is nothing new these days — but it can also mean security in financial matters. Saturn rules the 4th house, meaning we must focus on our own resources and not those of other cities and countries. Having a conservative approach to financial matters seems to be prudent now.

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