Through The Lens Of Astrology

Leap Of Faith

In my early days of learning astrology, I subscribed to Dell Horoscope magazine. There I found Donna Cunningham’s regular article to be of great interest. She would take questions from people, publish their birth chart, and use astrology to reply to them. It was kind of like a “Dear Abbey” column. When I started to get some experience reading charts, I would read the question, study the chart, and try to come up with my own answer before reading what Donna Cunningham wrote. A few years later when I finally met Donna, I told her that I considered her to be one of my first teachers. I think she was honoured. So… in the spirit of helping people learn astrology, and of offering readers clarification for cycles in their lives, I would like to offer the same type of column.

One of my Facebook friends recently sent me a message:  “…I am embarking on a journey, taken a leap of faith. See what the next few months will have in store for me.”  With the person’s permission, I decided to reply here on my website, making this the first installment of my new series: Through The Lens Of Astrology.

Current Configurations

Lessons from Saturn

Just days ago, we experienced the first of seven squares of Uranus and Pluto, undoubtedly the start of some major shifts in humanity. Such changes can be so huge that we may actually need a decade or two to see objectively just what has happened. A little closer to home, though — a little more personal — are the effects that you likely experienced from Saturn’s recent movement through the heavens. With a little knowledge of your own astrological chart, you can gain some clarity as to what lessons Saturn needs you to learn this year.