Tell Me A Story (There are only six) – Part 1


All good stories have a challenge that needs to be resolved, and the astrological chart gives us a very simple way of sorting out those challenges. It all comes down to the opposition. We’ll start with the 1-7 story:


The 1st House tells about me. It tells how I approach situations, how I start new ventures, and it tells how I tend to see the world.

The 7th House describes the qualities that I don’t feel I possess myself so I am looking to find them in somebody else. It tells something about ‘you’ and something about what I perceive is the ‘us’ in the relationship.

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The Modern Pioneer


Dear Modern Pioneer,

Thank you for asking me to have a look at your chart to suggest some areas of work for you. I call you a Modern Pioneer because your chart very much suggests that you are someone who needs to forge a path of his own! As such, it is probably silly of me to try to suggest traditional career areas for you. So until you have your Life’s Work advancing with full momentum — and providing income to sustain you — sometimes it is indeed necessary to simply get a job. And by the sound of your email, you do have a clear vision on your Life’s Work — it’s getting a job that seems to be the issue at present. Continue reading

Lessons from Saturn


Just days ago, we experienced the first of seven squares of Uranus and Pluto, undoubtedly the start of some major shifts in humanity. Such changes can be so huge that we may actually need a decade or two to see objectively just what has happened. A little closer to home, though — a little more personal — are the effects that you likely experienced from Saturn’s recent movement through the heavens. With a little knowledge of your own astrological chart, you can gain some clarity as to what lessons Saturn needs you to learn this year. Continue reading