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Ingress Charts and the HBC

At our most recent Meetup gathering, we had a look at Ingress Charts and Solar Returns. An ingress chart is the chart cast for the moment the Sun, Moon, or any planet moves from 29 degrees of one sign to 0 degrees of the next. A Solar Return chart is the chart set for the moment the Sun returns to the exact degree and minute of the zodiac it occupied in a natal chart. Both can be used to give, what I call, the flavour of the upcoming period in question. For looking at the flavour of a particular calendar year, then,  it is often revealing to study the moment the Sun made its ingress into Capricorn at the winter solstice just prior to the beginning of the year. This blog post is about ingress charts; we’ll look at solar returns another time.

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Astrology at Nordstrom Vancouver

Last night from 5:00 to 8:00 pm, I had the most marvelous time doing readings for customers at our new Nordstrom. What a fun way to spend a Friday night!

Thanks to Sun Dreams Productions for inviting me to participate in this special event celebrating designs by Ted Baker London. Customers were treated to hors d’ouevres, sparkling drinks, music from a great DJ, and astrology readings from yours truly!

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Venus On A Bad-Hair Day

What a great time we had last night at the Roundhouse! The Vancouver Astrology Meetup group explored some very interesting ways in which Venus can be challenged into being something less than her best.

It was fascinating to explore the charts of celebrities to see how Venus might look okay on the surface, but with further investigation, can be significantly stressed on other levels. We found some amazing (but perhaps not too surprising) aspects in celebrity natal charts. Transits, progressions, and solar arc directions also revealed some significant “bad-hair days” for some individuals. Thanks to all the group member present who contributed their keen observations!